Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursdays Tips: How to Use Leftovers to make Amazing Junk Bows!

Crafting and cut projects generally leave lots of scraps and extras. Don't throw them away! Use those extras to make darling junk bows, the new rage in gift wrapping! Junk Bows are the perfect way to use all those leftovers that you don't really know what to do with otherwise, from the remnants of scrapbook papers, ribbons, or just extras of this and that. And one of my favorite things to do with the left over strips of paper from my cutting projects to cut out borders or other things to add to these fun bows as well!

Begin your bows by compiling your master "junk" pile. Anything goes! This is the time to use all your left over scrapbook scraps, saved ribbons from old gifts, left over scrapbook supplies.

Junk List:
scrapbook remnants
painters masking protection tape in kraft
old measuring tapes
sheet music
old book pages

I also compiled left over items I had made extra of, or cut some simple fun things from small leftover scraps of paper.
Great Cut It Files for Scraps:
Elegant Borders Cut Its
Doodle Borders Cut Its
Lockets of Love Charms Cut Its
Layered Tags Cut Its
Ornament Collection Cut Its
Accordion Rosettes Cut Its
Dimentsional Flowers Cut It Projects
FREE Twisty Ornament

One fun way to start a bow, is with accordion folding a page from an old book.
Decide what other items you want to use. If its easier for you, precombine each piece with either wire or glue by just looping together.
Layer together and then wrap wire around to secure into place.
Glue on a fun centerpiece. I used a piece from my extra garland I had previously made. (See this post for details.)
Bows can be created with almost anything you can think of. Just have fun putting nothing to waste! Check out more of my bows below:

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