Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Easter Candy Wrap

Make these simple and darling candy wraps in a matter of minutes.Perfect for classroom handouts, party favors or a little give away to your friends. So easy, even the kiddos could help!

Patterned scrapbook paper (check out the new Hops and Tweets paper pack!)
Hops and Tweets Graphic Set
paper cutter
double-stick tape or glue gun
cellophane bags

Begin by printing out your paper onto a lightweight cardstock. If you want to digitally overlay a diamond before you print it out you can ignore the next step. If not, take a ruler and lightly draw a diamond on the back of the paper. Then cut out your diamond shape.
Next roll your diamond shape into a cone by rolling along the widest sides. Adhere together with double-stick tape or a glue gun.
Print and cut out your Hops and Tweets graphic.
Embellish with ribbon and adhere the graphic. Then fill with your desired goody!
Drop the cone in a small cellophane bag and tie off with a cute ribbon!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Assemble the Hops and Tweets 3D Set

Begin by cutting out all the elements you plan to use from the Hops and Tweets 3D set. Adhere the features to the bunny head and breast. Also assemble the bunny saddle. The legs fit onto each side of the hip piece that has 3 slits. His body will eventually sit in the middle slit. Once the saddle is assembled, insert the harness rods and then glue saddle into place on his body.
You will then fold over the neck portion on the body and insert into the slit on the front legs. And insert the body into the middle portion of the hip. Glue his head onto the fold.
Assemble the cart. It's easiest to apply the embellishments and decor before you glue it together. 
To attach wheels to cart, begin by inserting the axles into the bottom layer of the wheel and glue flap down. Then adhere the top two layers of the wheel over the flap, centered onto the wheel.
Apply glue to axels and adhere cart.
Assemble the egg carrier and glue to the bottom center of the inside of the cart.
You will then assemble the flowers and stick into the slots on the ledges of the inside of the cart.  Assemble the chick by inserting the body into the middle of the legs. Attach embellishments to the wings then fold the top portion down and glue onto each side of the chick.
Lastly, insert harness into the cart!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Locker Album

Make this darling locker album with our new Go Team Lockers Cut It Set. A unique school time memory keeper perfect for accenting the fun times you had there.
Add as many pages as you want! No memory is too precious, especially for these special times! This set contains enough images to emphasize each one.
Go Team Lockers Cut It Set
Card stock
small hole punch
jump rings

Begin by importing the locker, the football and the apple Cut It images into Make-The-Cut. I sized the locker to 4 inches wide, then arranged the football and apple on top, sizing each one appropriately.
On the layers menu in MTC, click on the plus sign on each one to make each layer visible. We are going to first duplicate the bottom layer of the apple and the bottom layer of the football. Just hit cntrl + C to copy and ctrl + v to paste. Now merge one of each of the duplicate layers down to the bottom layer of the locker. You just do this by clicking on that layer and using the down arrow to move it down.
Select the 3 bottom layers (the apple, locker and football) by holding down shift and then selecting each layer. Weld the layers together by hitting control + W. This will be the back of your album.
Now you can stop here and cut, but if you would like to remove the knob on the side where the lock protrudes then follow then next couple of steps.

Begin by zooming into the area you are going to remove the nodes on. Click on the little wrench tool at the bottom and select "Nodes on Mat". Now go to the top menu bar and select View>Node Mode. When the node buttons pop up, select the one with the 3 nodes and the arrow. Now hover over the segment you want to delete till it changes color then hit "delete." Continue to delete any remaining segments.
Now we need to reconnect the missing segment. Select the little calligraphy looking pen. Now hover over the first point you want to connect and click then draw a line to the second point. Right click to release it.
Now go ahead and cut out the locker and any other images you want to used as embellishments. Assemble as desired. You can use ribbon, wire coils or any other means to bring the album together, but if you want to use jump rings, I begin by measuring off where I wanted to place them.
Then I used my mini hole punch and inserted the jump rings!
Finished product!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Easter Egg Easel Shaped Card from I Love 2 Cut Paper

Today's fabulous tip comes from Joanna Wright at I love 2 Cut Paper. Check out Joanna's amazing blog and learn how to make this beautiful Easter Egg Easel shaped card with Joanna's step by step tutorial!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Shake Your Shamrocks!

I stumbled across this rad shirt from Urban Outfitters, but unfortunately I was too late. It was all sold out!
Sold out?!? No problem! In less than an hour, with just a few cheap supplies. I was able to recreate it!

black and green acrylic paint
Textile Medium
Freezer Paper
Charmed Life Cut It Set
LD This and That Font
Paint Brushes/Stencil Brushes

Begin by laying a sheet of freezer paper on your cutting mat, and cutting out the bottom layer of the shamrock from the Charmed Life Cut It Set using your favorite digital cutter. I sized them to about 3 1/2 inches wide and spaced them about 3 1/2 - 4 inches apart. I typed out "Shake Your Shamrocks" using LD This and That Font. The final size of the phrase was 10 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. I also cut this out of freezer paper as well. If you don't have a digital cutter, you can also use and exacto knife to cut everything out.
Once everything is cut out, lay on your shirt and iron on using the highest dry heat setting.
The shirt is ready to apply the paint, just make sure you stick something inside the middle of it because the paint will leak through. My cutting mat was the perfect size! You need to mix 1 part of textile medium to 2 parts paint. (You can also just use fabric paint).
Apply the paint carefully, using a sponge or a paint brush. You can get different effects with each one. Make sure you are using straight up and down works strokes. The freezer paper works amazingly well, but straight up and down will help insure not getting any leakage underneath just in case you had a spot that didn't stick down all the way.
When its dry, you can remove the freezer paper. I also chose to do a little flecking because I liked the messy effect of the Urban Outfitter shirt.
And the finished product!

Monday, March 5, 2012

If you haven't noticed, we've been celebrating....

We'd like to happily announce the 20,000+ fans we have reached on facebook! We are so excited, that we are celebrating with lots of freebies and a sweeptakes in which one lucky customer will receive a FREE one year subscription to Lettering Delights downloadable online product gallery and 20 additional cusomters will each win a free $20 gift certificate to LD. Be sure to stay tuned to our facebook page as we announce each freebie and how to enter our sweepstakes. In the meantime, check out what we've posted so far!

1. Whoo, hoo it's Party Time!
Thank you facebook fans for helping us to reach our goal of 20,000 fans! The party is just starting! Enjoy our first of many freebies to come, this Party Time Cake Card Cut It Set! Even if you don't have time to whip up a three-layer wonder, you can still share your birthday wishes with this yummy Party Time Cake Card. Just select your favorite paper flavors and press 'cut', no measuring, stirring or baking required! Thank you fans, and stay tuned, there is lots more to come!

2. Keep Calm...The Sweepstakes is Coming
We promised you a sweepstakes if we hit 20,000 and we'll be announcing the details soon. Meanwhile keep calm and enjoy these FREE Keep Calm Cards. There are 6 different designs in 3 colors (red, yellow, and blue). 18 cards in all... Print and give to friends for any fun occassion or trim and frame. Enjoy and stay tuned for more freebies and celebration! Download your cards HERE!

3. Sketch this freebie while you can!
In celebration of reaching 20,000 customers we're giving aways SNF Sketch Block font for FREE!

4. Cookin' up something good...
We've been cookin' up some fun FREEBIES just for you! Enjoy this Sweet Apron Card Holder Cut It Set on us! Thank you 20,000+ fans!

5. This is how we get our KICKS
We really enjoy our customers and seeing all the great projects they make from our product. We especially love the Facebook forum where it is so easy to interact with our friends. Both are a real "kick" but we especially enjoy giving away free products when our friends have worked so hard and deserve it. Grab your Ninja Kicks Alphabet for FREE now!

6. You're the Bee's Knees...
Don't know what that means? It's slang for the 1920's. There seems to be some debate to how the phrase appeared and to why it means something positive.

According to: one idea is that the expression was coined in the 1920s by an American cartoonist named Tad Dorgan, who also graced the language with such corny superlatives as "the cat's pajamas" and less durable ones such as the "the flea's eyebrows" and - a real clunker - "the canary's tusks." Dorgan also came up with: "Yes, we have no bananas." I've long been puzzled why, to this day, the bee's knees expression has maintained a certain currency in Britain, something it has not had for decades in the United States. The thought occurs that perhaps, more than half a century on, it's a still lingering cultural artifact from the American occupation of the south of England in the lead-up to D-Day. (extract from the Guardian's Notes and Queries site, article by Dave Todd)

Would love to hear your theories btw... Enjoy "Bee Yourself" for FREE!

7. You're Whaley Good to Us...

Fans, its true, we wouldn't be celebrating 20,000+ fans if you didn't care enough to pass the word. Thanks for caring and sharing! Enjoy this adorable "You are the Whaley Best" printable post it note cover. Simply print, trim and cover a 3" post it note pad. Makes an adorable gift for a friend!

8. It's a Good Thing...
It's a "Good Thing" we have such amazing fans, so we can have amazing celebrations like this! Enjoy our Good Thing Alphabet for FREE!

9. You're the Cat's Meow...
Don't deny it, you know you are...for our favorite're the cat's meow! Download Funky Cat Doodlebat for FREE! Don't know what a doodlebat is? It's just a picture font, like a dingbat. Install and use like a font and add little "cats" and "cat"-chy phrases to your projects!

10. Because You're Berry Sweet

We promised you lots of freebies and we promised you a sweepstakes but we know you'll understand that because of the weekend, we are a little shorthanded.... We have ten more freebies to give away and the sweepstakes to get under way and will pick up the celebration on Monday when we are better staffed! Meanwhile, because you are so berry sweet, enjoy this cute printable "Berry Sweet" set, with a card, cupcake wrapper and two flags.

11. Let's Celebrate!

We're kicking off today's celebration with this Celebratory Candybar Wrapper! Thank you again fans for helping us to reach 20,000+! Stay tuned, lots more freebies are coming as well as a chance to enter our sweepstakes!

12. It's a good Afternoon!

Good Afternoon facebook fans! We hope you have been enjoying the freebies! Stop on over at LD and get yourself this delightful Afternoon Alphabet for FREE! Thank you again fans!

13. Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a a Kingdom not so far away, Lettering Delights grew to have over 20,000 patrons! Because of this, they wanted to give back to their citizens and show their appreciation for their homage. With 12 freebies still available, hurry and nab our 13th... our DB Once Upon a Time Doodlebat Font!

Don't know what a doodlebat is? It's just a picture font, like a dingbat. Install and use like a font and add little fairytale doodles and phrases to any of your projects!

14. Hippity Hoppity...

Hippity Hoppity Easter (I mean a FREE, Bunny Box)--well both is on the way! Enjoy this very cute and cuttable Bunny Box on us! Thanks again fans!!!

15. We sailed the seven seas...

We sailed the seven seas to find fans like you! Enjoy this Seven Seas Template on us, using our popular Seven Seas Collection, this template is a quick and darling way to capture some fun memories in a matter of seconds. Add some sun-kissed faces in the windows of the submarine, and before you have time to shake the sand out of your tote bag, you've created a great start to a vacation memory book!

16. Our basket overflows...

Our basket overflows with the love that we feel from our fans! Thank you again for making this celebration happen! Enjoy this darling Easter Basket Cut It Set on us!

17. Great amigos...

We are so glad we've become great "Amigos" and may we be "Amigos" forever! Enjoy our font LDJ Amigos for FREE!

18. You can't celebrate without cake...

You can't celebrate without cake, so enjoy this Spring-a-ling Cupcake Wrappers on us!

19. We're on Top of the World!

We're on Top of the World, thanks to our fans! Get our Big Top Alphabet FREE just for you now!

20. And finally...20th FREEBIE and Sweepstakes!

Alouette,gentille alouette alouette...We've got an entire brand new collection just for you. including a graphic set, alphabet and papers!!! Enjoy our fun, fabulous Alouette Collection on us! Now who is ready for a sweepstakes?!!!

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