Friday, June 28, 2013

Come hitch this ride for free...

Friday FREEBIE time, in more ways than one! Do your Stringbeans need a stylin' ride? Grab today's FREEBIE our Stringbean Wagon! By the way, if you haven't heard your can get our NEW Layered Stringbean Collection for FREE when you spend $45 by July 2nd at midnight, MST. Learn more here!

Looking for more LD inspiration? Want to show and tell some of your amazing creations? Or maybe you just have questions when using your LD product and could use some outside help. LD has a new facebook GROUP. Join our group page to get the most of your LD experience!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Stringbean Family Tree

What are you creating with your new full colored Stringbean bundle? We think its the perfect set to create your own fun family tree! See below to find out what other products we used to make this work of art!

Create a family tree for your family using the new Layered Stringbean Bundle. Start by finding stringbeans that represent your fun, fabulous family! Next build your tree from the Gooble Gratitude Cut It Project. This tree is tall and perfectly spaced for loading up with lots of family members! I used frames from the Good Company Cut It Simple Shapes, however you could always go without. I added a kite for fun from the In Like a Lion Cut It Set as well. My background paper came from the Cloud Nine Paper Pack, if you don't have this one yet, its a great paper pack full of some nice analogous color schemes that seem to go with just about anything! Have fun, be creative and get creating!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get your $152 in colorful Stringbean product for FREE, find out how now!

Want to earn the new full-color, layered, Stringbean cut-it bundle for FREE*? It's easy! Just spend $45 over the next week and the Stringbean cut-it bundle is yours for FREE!Find out more here!
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Try a thin font on us!

Want to see how our thin fonts work with your machine? Now is your chance! Head on over to LD and grab our Giddy Thin Font FREE until Monday, July 1st at midnight, MST.

Monday, June 24, 2013

One Day Coupon Code!

Less than a week left for our summer Dollar Sale, get hundred's of items for just $1-2 dollars like Patricia Zapata's Floral Stationary Cut It Set! Save even more today only! Save 40% off a $10 purchase using coupon code:  manic40. Shop the sale now!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Products that make you red, white and do!

Make your projects pop and sizzle! Our new Boom-de-yada Collection is dynamite! It's just in time to help you celebrate the 4th!

Don't forget to take advantage of our dynamite deals during the Get Greedy Dollar Sale.All of our summer category is on sale now. Get your product for only $1-2 now!

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Grab today's FREEBIE! Our Boom-De-Yada Flag Pennant Cut It. Use it to make banners, or downsize to create cute cupcake toppers. This flag is the perfect holiday decor to get into the spirit. Free until Sunday at midnight, MST. Grab your Boom-De-Yada Flag now!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday's Tip: 4th of July Cards from Ruthie at September Ninth

I came across these darling cards from Ruthie at September Ninth Blogspot using our Rockets Cut It set, which is on sale during our summer Dollar Sale! A perfect way to celebrate Independence Day by showing your loved ones how much they mean to you! Check out Ruthie's Lion Card here! And don't miss her Firecracker Card here!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Digiscrap Tuesday: New FREE Pagemaps featuring our Chillin' Collection!

We've got new Pagemaps loaded and ready for download. Use our FREE pagemaps to create fun digital or traditional layouts. We give you the base, and you add whatever fun pictures, papers, embellishments you want to make it your own! We used today's map to create this "cool" layout using the Chillin' Collection on sale now during our summer Dollar Sale! With great modern papers and cool graphics grab the items in this set for $1 - $2 each during the sale!

Materials Used:
Chillin' Paper Pack
Chillin' Cut Its or Graphics
LD Hipster Child
12" Pagemap
Letter Size Pagemap

See our video tutorial on how to use our pdf pagemaps:

For a video tutorial of making a digital layout using a pagemap with Illustrator or Inkscape and Photoshop click here.

For a video tutorial of making a digital layout using a pagemap and just Photoshop click here.

Grab your 12" pagemap here:

Friday, June 14, 2013

We've got all the tools you need to succeed for creative Father's Day gifts

The Get Greedy Dollar Sale continues! And we've got new product and all the "tools" you need to make something special for the men in your life. All Father's Day product priced down to only $1-2!
Is your dad a stud? Does he have a screw loose? Is he hard to measure up to? You will really "nail it" when you grab these handy tools to "build" some fun and creative product. All of our our Just Toolin' Around product is only$1-2 during the sale!
Grab today's FREEBIE a coupon book for dad! Fits perfectly in the envelope contained in the Just Toolin' Around Boxes Cut It Set! Offer ends Sunday at midnight, MST.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday's Tip: One Stop Ideas for Father's Day

We just wanted to share some of the fun projects you can make this father's day! With our Dollar Sale on Father's Day product, its the perfect time to get just the right collection for that important person in your life!

Using our new Just Toolin' Around Collection:

Toolbox Gift Box Cut It with the Just Toolin Around Cut It Set
your gift wrap more manly with the Tool Belt from the Just Toolin' Around Boxes Cut It!
Nuts about
your Dad? Well tell him in more than one way!

Uses the Just Toolin Around Cut It Set for the danglin' nuts, and then create your own label with the Alphabet and Paper pack!
For the King of the Grill, make up this fun Grill Gift Box using the King of the Grill Projects Cut It and King of the Grill Cut It Sets!
Make him something good to eat and put it in extra special packaging!
Don't forget these fun projects from years past, on sale now!Tell dad how special he is with the Top Ten "Points" of why you love him with our Get to the Point Print Cut Set.
Tell "Pop" your "Soda"lighted he's your dad with this fun project using our Soda Pop Neck Ties Printables. 

Or use the Tie One On Dad Collection to create these fun gifts!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Get greedy dollar sale starts now!

We've got a few tasty morsels cooking right now. You will want to pick up our new, King of the Grill cut project set. It's full of great gift-giving ideas! And to make it even more delicious? It's part of the Get Greedy Dollar Sale. Get whole sets for only $2!

The Get Greedy Dollar Sale has begun! Time to feast on hundreds of products marked down to only $1-2! Now is the time to stockpile!
Also on sale during the Get Greedy Dollar Sale, get the other King of the Grill products. Everything is priced at $1-2! Go ahead and get your fill!
See the graphics!

See the alphabet!
See the Cut Its!
 See the paper pack!
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And don't forget to grab this month's BONUS FREEBIES! Check it out: freebie!

Check out some of the fun Father's Day gifts you can create with the King of the Grill Projects Cut It Set!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Message Photo for Dad

Buying gifts for dad can be hard, but what dad wouldn't melt over a fun message photo framed up or as a card. This gift is fast, easy (as long as the kiddos cooperate), darling and will forever be cherished!

LD Petticoat Black
Love Flourish Cut It Set (or any other set with a heart)


Begin by cutting out your letters and heart. Cutting fonts out is super easy if you have Make-The-Cut.
Just click on the texts and fonts tab to the right. Select the font you want to use. I used LD Petticoat Black, and then select the Add Text Group button beneath and a box will pop up for you to add the letters you would like. I did one letter at a time since I was making them fairly large.

Then size the letter by selecting the corner and dragging.

Once the letters are cut, the most difficult part of this was actually taking my super uncooperative kids pictures, try to have fun, and make the best of it. No matter what it will turn out cute!

Create the format you want to place the photos on. You can decide sizing and then format rectangles or squares to fit. If you create each rectangle on a separate layer, you can easily align and space the rectangles by selecting each one and selecting the appropriate align button at the top.

When the format is created, go ahead and place each photo above the square you would like, and then right click on the photo layer and select "create clipping mask". The photo will insert inside the created format. I then sized my photo down from here so that it fit how I wanted it to.
Get all the photos placed, and your message card or framed art is done!