Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Set that Will have you in Stitches!

Our new Stitched Stockings and Gingerbread sets are something to get really excited about. Adding a more textural element to your paper magic this season! Perfect for adding gift cards, candy treats, or special notes. Whoever you give these to will be sure to love!

Get creative with your stitched projects by adding stuffing midway, for a puffy piece, making a great ornament or gift topper.
Or add your own homemade pom poms to your mittens. Pom poms are created by wrapping yarn many times around the narrow end of a ruler or other item. Pull yarn bunch off and tie in the middle. Cut the loops of the yarn and your pom pom is made!
Or making darling centerpieces with miniature versions. Just stitch together and set on stripped straws and stick in a fun tin with "snow" stuffing.

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