Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chalk it up to a few good ideas...

The chalkboard fad is huge on Pinterest...and in crafts.  We've capitalized on it with today's tip and freebies.

First tip:  Using our cut sets as a stencil, make chalkboard paper, boxes, tags, and more for your presents.

We learned the hard way, that you don't really want to write on your presents with chalk (it wipes off!).  So we have a new solution.  

1.  Go shopping for some chalkboard spray paint.  We used Kyrlon.
2. Download the cut sets you want to use as a stencil and cut out.  We used Holiday Expressions.

3.  After cutting your "stencil" from your cut set, use a tiny bit of repositional glue or tape to adhere it to your box, paper, or item you will turn into a chalkboard.  You don't want it totally glued too much because having it be a little "loose" will let the spray paint seep underneath a bit and create a feathery chalk effect.
4.  Spray your item.  It takes about two coats.  It might take more if you are standing outside trying to block the snow from falling on your item while the wind blows your drop cloth around.

5.  After your item is sufficiently black, you could also write on it with chalk if you want but be prepared for it to wipe off pretty easily.  Wrap up your present and add a chalk tag.  We used the  Chalked Holiday Tags.

For more chalked looks, check out our Chalked Cookie Envelopes!  They are free today!

Here is another holiday tip!  After downloading the free cookie envelopes, you can use a variety of way to create closures.  We love a good use for washi tape.  Also it was fun to grab a couple of buttons and actually stitch them on and use baker's twine to close.  Make sure you line your cookie envelope with wax or butcher paper to help the delicious buttery grease to not soak through before you give your present away!

If you love the chalk look make sure you pick up our other new chalk-inspired product.
These are our new Chalked Christmas Village Tags.  

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