Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's Tip: New Mommy Survival Kit

I was trying to think of something to do for my friend giving birth to her 5th child. Since I knew she probably didn't really need baby clothes, I decided to do a gift for her instead. I had seen Hospital Survival Kits around, but came up with my own baby geared one Using the Pucker Up Collection from LD!


Pucker Up Collection
LD Petticoat Twist
No Rhyme SVG
8 1/2" by 11" Printable Sticker Labels
Paint Can
Goodies for the inside
Clear Coat Acrylic Gloss Enamel

Front Label:

To make the front label using Photoshop, check out my How-To Video Tutorial here! I use the Pucker Up Collection, mainly using the No Rhyme Graphic set, the Pucker Up Papers. My font I used to write the poem is LD Petticoat Twist. After you have followed the tutorial, print the label onto an 8 1/2" by 11" Printable Sticker Label. I then sprayed it with a clear coat acrylic gloss enamel. Once it was dry I adhered the label to the front of the can.

Here is what the finished label looks like:

New Mommy Survival Kit Title: 

Unfortunately we don't have a Pucker Up Alphabet, but follow this easy photoshop video tutorial to make your own words.

Top Sticker:

To create just a round sticker for the top of your can, first measure the width of the lid and decide how big you want to make your sticker. Then make a new document exactly that size. I made mine 5.25" by 5.25".
Using the circle marquee, create a perfect circle by holding down the shift key and then starting in the top left corner of the square drag the marqee all the way to the opposite corner. Go ahead and fill your marque using the gradient or paint bucket tool (G). It doesn't matter what color you fill it because we are going to cover it with paper. Create a new layer, like we did in the video tutorial for the label, by pressing shift+control+N. Create a 2nd smaller circle by holding down shift and fill it. Follow this step again, creating a 3rd circle and filling it with white. If you like, add drop shadows to each layer by double clicking on the layer, and clicking on the drop shadow option in the layers style box. To add paper to each layer simply open the Pucker Up paper you want to use, select the paper (ctrl+A) and paste (ctrl+V) it directly above the layer you want it to cover. We are now going to create a clipping mask with that paper, by right clicking on the paper layer then selecting "Create Clipping Mask." Follow these steps with your additional layers.Your finished sticker should look like this:
Just print this on your large sticker labels and spray with your clear acrylic gloss and adhere to the lid of the can.
Hand Sanitzer Label: I thought it would be more fun to make a cute label for the sanitizer that went with the can. The label was essentially created the same way the one for the can was created, just on a smaller scale. You will want to measure the label you removed from the sanitzer you bought and create a document that size. I pasted the paper I wanted to use above the bottom layer, and this time changed the opacity so it wasn't as bright. To do this go to the layers menu and select the layer you want to change and click on the arrow on the top right hand side and slide the opacity down to where you want it. Follow the directions on the video tutorial for the label to add the image and then the wording using LD Petticoat Twist. Print onto the sticky label paper, spray with clear acrylic gloss and adhere to your sanitizer. 
Star Tag:

I just created the star tag hanging from the top of the can, by cutting out one of the stars from the No Rhyme SVG and punching a hole through it!

Here you can see all the stuff I put in the paint can, there are lots of other ideas on Pinterest as well, I still had to get one thing for the baby, because frankly, who can resist!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Monster Clips and Teacher Gifts

The school year is coming to an end. Have you thought about how to show your appreciation to those impressive educators in your life?  When I asked my son what he wanted to get his teacher, he thought really hard then said, "How about a box of marshmallows?" Then I said, "Well she might not like marshmallows as much as you, but we can get her a box of something." So we set to work.

Animal Boxes and Bags SVGs 
Monster-licious Cupcake Toppers or other LD graphics
Card stock
Paper Clips
Sewology Cover Buttons
Candy or other various items to put in your boxes

Monster Clips:
They don't actually doesn't have to be monsters, there is a lot of cute graphics you could use as well, I just love these images, and felt it best represented my son. I began by downloading and opening up each of the Monster-licious Cupcake Toppers in Photoshop or like program. I got the 3/4" sized buttons, so I sized down the toppers to 3/4" so that I know that the whole of the image would show on the button top. I then created a 75 pixel stroke around each circle so that I have enough color to wrap around the edge of the button.
To stroke each layer, double click on the layer you want to stroke in the layer menu. When the layer style box pops up, click on stroke on the bottom left hand side. You will see the options in the middle change, now adjust the size to about 75 pixels. Then go down to the bottom center of the layer style menu and click on the color swatch box. A color box will pop open and you will automatically get a little dropper tool that will enable you to select a color from the image you are working on. I went ahead and selected the base color of each topper to extend each one.

Once each layer is stroked, go ahead and print the sheet then cut out the images. The nice thing about using these cover buttons is that they don't have to be cut out perfectly. In fact I just cut each image into a square. To ensure I got the button where I wanted it, I made an impression of the button around the edge of the image. Like this:
Then you place your image face side down and the button on the back and insert it into the button shield mold. Hold securely and tuck the edges of the paper around the back of the button. Position the back of the button and use the pusher to press down until you hear it snap into place.
Then use a hot glue gun to glue the paper clip to the back of the button.

Multi-Gift Box:

Begin by cutting out four of the boxes from the Animal Boxes and Bags SVGs. I first sized them down so that they would be about 2 inches square each. Assemble each box:
 Once you have all four assembled, then use your hot glue gun to glue them all together.
I made fasterners on each of the boxes by using a small paper punch to punch holes through the top of the lid and attached my twine, making a loose loop, then inserted a brad into the bottom half of the box.
Then go ahead and fill your box, with goodies, teacher supplies or whatever else you can think of. Add a little tag, and you have a fun little and unique gift!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a Note by Jin Yong at Under a Cherry Tree

Check out this fabulous card from the fabulous Jin at Under A Cherry Tree! She used a combination of Cut Its, Graphic Set and stamps. Check out the details here!

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Mad Scientist Party How-To, additional ideas and FREEBIE!

Creating Mad Scientist was fun, but being able to use it for a mad scientist themed party was, to date, the best party we've had yet! There is so much you can do for a science party, the ideas were endless, but since I'm 8 months pregnant I decided to base my party at our local Discovery Center and let them do most of the actual party work, while I just made up the decor, invites and party favors. So check out how I used the Mad Scientist Products to create the ultimate Science Party!

Materials Needed:

Mad Scientist Collection
Mad Scientist Party Cut Its
LDJ Robby Robot
Men's White Dress Shirt
Inkjet printable transfer paper
Party Favors

Using the Mad Scientist and Mad Scientist's Assistant Alphabets to make a custom party invitation:

Check out our video tutorial, or go ahead and read below.

You will notice in the Mad Scientist Party Graphic set there are two invitations. One for easy fill in and the other open to add the the alphabets and text for custom wording. In Photoshop (or like program), open up the blank invite without any fill in lines.
Go to Lettering Delights and make sure you are signed in so that you can use any of the products you have purchased. Click on the Mad Scientist Collection and choose the Mad Scientist's Assistant Alphabet. Using the Try Me Now Tool, go ahead and just type in the month for your party. I used all capital letters so that it would fill the space better. Save to your computer and open it in Photoshop. Select the entire image by hitting CTRL + A and then copy it (CTRL +C). Paste it onto the invite (CTRL + V). Drag it into the top center of the gray box. Go back to LD and click on the Mad Scientist Alphabet. Repeating the process with the Try Me Now Tool, enter the date of the party and again save and open in photoshop, copying and pasting onto your invite. Then drag it just below where you placed the month. The rest I just inputted using the LDJ Robby Robot font and typing directly on top of the invitation. Save and print!

My finished invite looks like this:

This set is filled with all the items you need to help make fun decor as well as enhance your party favors, food and treats. Create your own party bags with tags from the Mad Scientist Party Graphic Set and Images from the Mad Scientist Cut It Set, or use the Bag included in the Mad Scientist Party Cut It Set.
Cute treats serve as decor, but also excite the kids as well! I picked up these green sixlets at a local party store. They filled the test tubes perfectly.

Amazon is a great resource for cheap party supplies including these test tube. I also purchased cheap goggles for each of the kids, magnifying glasses, bubbles and pop rocks. They also had petrie dishes, beakers of every shape and size.

Attach the printable water labels for quick, cute drinks!
A Mad Scientist Party wouldn't be complete without a bunch of mad scientists!
Forgo the typical party hat for the Mad Scientist hair and goggle cap available in the Mad Scientist Party Cut It. Cut out bow ties and then make your own lab coats using today's FREEBIE!
How to make your own Mad Scientist Lab Coats:

Go to your local thrift store and pick up some men's dress shirts. Using printable transfer paper, print out the backwards Mad Scientist Printable and iron it on to the back of your shirt, using the hottest cotton setting. Be sure to let it cool before you peel the back off. Simple, easy and best of all...FAST! Enjoy and happy Friday! Offer for FREE Mad Scientist Printable is good until Sunday May 20th at midnight, MST.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flower Wreath by I Love 2 Cut Paper

I'm so in love with this wreath done by Joanna at I Love 2 Cut Paper using Sheri's Cut Flower Bundle. Check out the details and how to on her blog. You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Collage a Mother's Day Card

This Mother's Day create a unique and special card beautiful enough to frame!


Queen of Our Castle Graphic Set
Queen of Our Castle Papers
picture of dear mom

I combined both digital elements as well as physical elements to make this card, however the whole thing could be printed out and collaged together as well. I began by creating a 5" by 7" canvas in photoshop and copied the Queen of Our Castle Papers I wanted to use and pasted them into my work space. I then shrunk down the papers so that the prints would be a little smaller. I selected the entire space and pressed shift+contrl+c, so that I would copy the two papers together and pasted the image twice on a blank 8.5" by 11" canvas and printed it out.
I cut out the paper and folded it in half to create the base of my card. 

Digitally I cut my mom out of the background of the picture I used. You can do this by erasing the background, or using the want or lasso tools to select and delete the background. This gave me a backgroundless image that I was free to play with. So after pasting her into my 5 by 7 canvas (so that I could ensure the right sizing), I then began to bring in graphics and elements from the Queen of Our Castle Graphic set, sizing as needed and placing them behind on top until I got the look I wanted.I printed out the result on photo paper and cut out. 

I cut out smaller rectangle (5.25" by 3.25") and used the mini pop dots to attach the graphic of my mom in the center. I also used some distressing ink around the edges of the rectangle piece. I then glued a piece of cordinating ribbon around the card. Carefully gluing all along the back, but leaving a small piece unglued on the front, so that my card can still open and close. Using more pop dots, I attached the rectangle piece to the center of the card. I attached the I love You graphic, a few more floral embellishments and then tied the entire thing together! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Cinco-De-Mayo Party

Pull out your sombrero and glue on your mustache, it's fiesta time! Celebrate Cinco-de-Mayo this Saturday with our new and fun graphics and cut it sets. With our Cinco-De-Mustache Collection, create a fun and simple invitation. You will love the Kawaii style images and your guests won't be able to resist an invite where even the drinks look like they are having a good time!

Materials for Invite:
Cinco-De-Mustache Collection
LD This and That
LD Woodland

To create this invite begin a new 5" by 7" document in Photoshop or like program. Use the paint bucket (G) to fill the background red. Bring in the 'shake your maracas',cerveza, martini glass and lime graphics (or feel free to use  any of the other great graphics in the set) and lay them out on top of the red background. Select the rectangle marque (M), and make a new layer by selecting shift+Cntl+N. Use your eyedropper tool (I) to select the yellow from the cerveza graphic and then switch to the paint bucket (G) and fill your rectangular marquee. Now use your eyedropper (I) and select the darker blue from the martini glass. Make another new layer (shift+cntl+N) and create a smaller rectangle with the marquee (M) and fill it with the blue. I used LD This and That for the words 'come' and '6:00pm' and LD Woodland for cinco-de-mayo and Saturday. Have fun and get creative!

Need some easy Cinco-De-Mayo Party decor? Check out Bloomeria only available at check out! The cut-it set makes a beautiful and perfect festive banner. Or combine two of the rectangular banners and adhere together to make a gorgeous luminary. Patricia Zapata's new Mission Party Cut It features a fantastic lantern, the perfect addition to the holiday decorations.

Need more ideas?
No Cinco-de-mayo party would be complete without mustache straws! These easy to make straw embellishments are from our Mustache Mania SVG set number 14. Size the mustache to at least 5" and cut out by hand or using your electronic cutter. Use a regular sized hole punch and punch a hole in the middle of the mustache. 

Looking to save on these fun new sets? Use coupon code: FIESTA to save 40% on a purchase of $50 or more! Have fun and happy Cinco-de-Mayo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sketch it Out by The Happy Card Encouragement Factory

I love this simple little card done with the new Rustic Sketches set done by The Happy Card Encouragement Factory. If your digital cutter has a pen feature, doing fun simple cards like this can be a breeze! Check out her blog and simple how-to here!