Friday, February 20, 2015

Sweet Dreams are Made of These...

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year Crafts

Happy Chinese New Year! Check out a couple simple ways to create a fun little New Years crafts.

Chinese Zodiac Simple Shapes
Valentine Fortune Cookies
Takeout Boxes Cut It Boxes
Kiss the Year Goodbye Cracker Boxes
Ribbon or twine

Check out our photo how-to to create some simple paper fortune cookies and put in one of our easy-to-make take out boxes. I cut a circle that was about 3.5" in diameter, or you can grab this month's FREEBIE to help you out!  It's the year of the Goat, so cut one of our Chinese Zodiac Simple Shapes for a fun festive tag!

Our 3-sided Kiss The Year Goodbye Cracker Boxes, make great fun candy favors. Group six together for a cute party bundle!

Friday, February 13, 2015

You'll eat this up! Final Day of Sale!

I Eat You Up Collection 

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Long-Legged Love Birds 

We've got both cut-sets and graphics in this adorable product. Tip: replace the birds legs with candy for a great treat/gift. Shown below!
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pirate Valentine Idea

My son, can't bring candy or treats with his Valentine's, so we are always looking for fun little gift ideas, and thought this would be perfect to match his Pirate Valentine Squawk Box!


Squawk Box Kiddee Valentine Cards
Plastic Bags - I got size 3.5" x 7.75"
Pirate Eye Patches
Heart Sequence

These went together so fast, which I loved. I actually added a back to the printable valentine since I knew I wanted to fold it over. You can just copy the Valentine and make it all one color. See below:
I sent them to Office Depot to print and then just cut apart and folded in half.

I then stuffed the plastic bags with the eye patches and heart sequence, Then I ended up cutting off about 2 inches off the top of my plastic bags.
Once that is done, just stick the folded Valentine over the bag and staple right in the middle.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last Chance to Shop the Sale!

Eat Your Heart Out 

The way to his heart is through his stomach and we have all the puns that make it possible. Grab Eat Your Heart Out for your last minute easy Valentine ideas!
Hugs Cut Projects 

Need a fast idea to use with your cutting machine? Grab our new Hugs. Most the files are only one layer.
Top Ten Valentines for Boys

We've got you covered if you have boys!
Top Ten Valentines for HIM

Your significant other deserves some attention. Check out our top ten ideas for HIM!
Top Ten Valentines for the Crafty 

We've rated these with skill levels. Check out the top ten whether you are a craft-aholic or a novice.

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Top Ten Valentines for BOYS (who hate girly Valentines)

Do you have a little guy who is 100% all boy who loves to get Valentine treats but HATES to make Valentine's cards or projects that he considers girlish?  We've got a top ten list for you!

1. Squawk Boxes:  Most of our "Squawk Boxes" have boyish versions and several have "squawks" (phrases) that don't imply any kind of love.   Your son should really like the king, alligator, viking, super hero, and robot but there is plenty more to choose from.  Get in either a Graphics Set (just print and go) or Cut set (requires a cutting machine and a little more work)

See how to make a "Squawk Box" into a box to hold your Valentines.

JoAnna shows you how to make the Squawk Box Alligator
2. Objects of My Affection:  Are you the healthy mom who tries to avoid giving kids sugar?  Then Objects of My Affection is the set for you.  All the elements in these sets pair perfectly with cheap gifts you can buy at Dollar Stores or if need be, don't even include a gift. Most of these are just right for you your boy!

3.  Hooked on You:  This set is "O-"Fish"ally" perfect for both boys and girls. Just bag up some Swedish Fish and cut out the Hooked On You fish bowl tent. And print out the graphic to make some fast easy tags.

4.  Be My Matey:  ARghhhtt blahhh blahhh
Jin shows you how to print and cut with "Be My Matey"

5.  Love Bites: argghlkjl bljkekrw
Joy blalkjdlfj 
Joy explains how to make the 3-d "Love Bites" projects

Jin blah blah  grrrr bite bite
See how Jin assembles her "Love Bites" Projects

6.  Robot Box: Learn how to make this really cute Robot Valentine Box that any boy would be proud of!  

7. Eat Your Heart Out:  This new collection is sure to be a favorite for anyone who loves treats (namely everyone).  From chips to cheese and many sweets, we've got your favorite food puns so you can say Happy Valentines Day and give a little snack to go with it.  Most importantly, there are plenty of puns that your son won't be embarrassed by.

8. Big Bad Dad:  Don't let the name fool you.  This collection is rough and tough product that is "boyish" enough and is perfect for him to show someone they "rock".  Check out what crafter, Jin did with her cassette tapes:
Shop for the Big Bad Dad Collection here that Jin used or try using the Love Rocks collection here.

9.  Hogs and Kisses:  What boy doesn't love a pig or hog?  At least they like to eat like them!  Make this adorable Hog Box.  Tips for boys who have an aversion to pink:  Use brown or grey paper or let him smudge some real mud on the box!  Check out Joy's tutorial:
Joy shows you how easy the "hog box" can be here.

10:  Bug-a-boo:  Worms, snails, and bugs!  The staple of a boy's summer play!  Use the Bugaboo Collection to make these great Valentines and maybe pair it with a bag of gummy worms and say "I dig you". 
See all of Jin's Bugaboo creations on her blog!

BONUS:  One more idea:  My heart Beeps For You (plus a great tip)
Jin shows you how to make this great robot card and teaches you an awesome tip!

Top Ten Valentines for the Crafty

Whether your a craft-aholic with some serious crafting skills or your a novice who likes to keep things easy, we've got something on the list for you.  (We've assigned a skill level ranking of 1-10 with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the most difficult)

1. Valentine Mailbox:  This darling box has great direction prepared by Jin.  See them here.

2. Valentine Fortune Cookies:  Use our pre-made Valentine wishes to make these simple paper fortune cookies or create your own.

3. Pencil Arrows:  Turn a pencil into cupid's arrow

4. Lockets of Love: Heart-shaped labels, photo cases, charms, keys, borders and more.  There is so much to make from this beautiful collection from Sheri McCulley!
5.  Nancy Kubo's Valentine's Days:  This graphic set by Nancy is "flying off the shelf" so to speak. We've got a couple ideas using this great product.  Joanna uses her Pazzle machine and it's awesome optical eye to make this darling frog slider card.

Jin went to town and used her Silhouette Cameo and it's ability to print-and-cut to make these adorable buttons:
Skill level: 6 (only a 3 if you cut w/ scissors)
Supplies needed: Printer, Paper, Cutting Machine, Nancy Kubo's Valentine's Days Graphic Files, Button Machine

6. Conversation Projects:  These bright conversation hearts make simply beautiful Valentines.  See Jin's examples here.  If you have a cutting machine, these are on the easy side as they have very  with very few layers they assemble quickly.
Skill level: 3-4
Supplies needed: Paper, Cutting Machine, Conversations Files from LD

7. The Squawk Box Collection:  This collection has elements for all skill levels.  Simply print the cards like Jin from Under a Cherry Tree for a really easy project.
Skill set: 1
Supplies needed: Printer and paper, Squawk Box Kiddy Valentine Cards
Or get more involved and make a box like Joanna has.  This is a little more time consuming but worth the effort.
Skill level: 6-7
Supplies needed: Paper, Cutting Machine, Squawk Box Cut Files

8. Wee are the World Valentinies from Sheri McCulley: These are darling and easy! Just print and trim with scissors or a paper cutter.  See all Sheri's projects here.
Skill Level: 1
Supplies needed: Printer, Scissors, Sheri's Valentiny Files

9. Eat Your Heart Out: This new collection has all your food puns covered and makes for the most simplistic but well-appreciated Valentines!  
Skill level: 1-2
Supplies needed: Printer, paper, snacks, Eat Your Heart Out Graphic Set

10. Hugs:  If you have a cutting machine this is a great new product that gives you a fast Valentine project.  Simply cut the file and add a little candy between the arms (hence the name "hugs").  Most the files in this set are only one layer so they go together quickly!
Skill level: 2
Supplies needed: Paper cutter, Paper, Candy