Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New! Pop-Out Christmas Cards...Keep them simple or spruce them up!

The new Pop-Out Christmas Cards, are a fun way to send someone a special Christmas Greeting. The great thing about these cards, is they look amazing as simple silhouettes, or you can have fun decorating and embellishing them, to make them even more unique!

You can create this fun Gingerbread pop-out card using the Pop-Out Christmas Cards Scenes Cut It and the Sweet Tooth Cut It set, both on sale for just $2 during our Holiday Dollar Sale.

Just start by cutting out your card and the candy items you want to use from the Sweet Tooth Cut It. I thought it was helpful to digitally set it up in Illustrator or you can use the free Illustrator-like program Inkscape. By doing this, I could get everything sized how I wanted to beforehand.
I built all the candy pieces and glued them to the card. For the trees, I folded the lower part of the trunk so they could stand up. You can also glue ribbon into the the back portion of the card before hand so it can you can tie it together if you want. When you glue the back on, make sure you start gluing from the middle and go out.
Here is the finished version:

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