Monday, December 23, 2013

A Great and Super Easy Last Minute Gift

Today's tip is a really easy and really thoughtful last minute gift that you can give a loved one!

What a better way to really give of yourself then to give the gift of service!  These adorable matchbook coupons are ready to go.  Just print and choose the coupons that fit your loved ones.  We have an adult version and a kid's version.

While you are picking those up, make sure you pick up the freebie too.  The freebies are blank versions of the matchbooks which are great for using the matchbook style card to do something other than coupons.  We thought of a few good ideas:

  • reasons you love that special someone
  • special words of holiday cheer
  • favorite Christmas memories
We're sure you can think of a lot more! 

Tip:  We checked and you can buy a rotary blade for many paper cutters that will allow you to perforate your coupons and tickets!  Take a peek!

For those of you with cutting machines, take a peek of the matchbook coupon cut project.  The machine scores and perforates the coupons so they rip away like real coupons!

The Holiday Dollar Sale ends on Christmas Day!  Hurry and stock up!  And don't forget to take advantage of the 12 Days of Christmas Promotion.  You could win $100 dollars!  Learn more here!

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