Thursday, March 27, 2014

New kawaii-a-bunga bundles! Biggest discounts on new product ever!

 Nearly 1900 new images have landed on LD! We've put in into the giant Kawaii-a-bunga Bundles, and marked them down to unbelievably low pricing for ONE WEEK ONLY! Purchase these products at an incredible 80% savings now!!  All of our graphics include face and faceless versions. Want to cut your Cut It version without a face? See today's tip to learn how!

Only 5 days left! Have you earned your Conscientiously Collection? This enormous collection, valued at $27 can be yours when you spend only $12 (accumulative!) from March 1- 31. See the Conscientiously Collection here.

How to cut items in the Kawaii-A-Bunga Bundle without the face

If you love the Kawaii-A-Bunga Cut It Bundle, but don't want to be limited by having the face, it's super easy to eliminate it in just a few simple steps!

1. First, open up your image in Make-the-Cuts. You can either import the image separately, or use the handy Lettering Delights Image Gallery located directly to the left, by just double clicking on the image. I am using the hammer from In the Garage.

2. Go to the lower right-hand corner of Make-the-Cuts and expand the layers menu.
3. Now, some items may be able to just be deleted by x-ing out that particular layer. I x'd out the cheeks and highlight. (Just click the x next to that particular layer).
4. Last if the face is integrated into a particular layer, just click on that layer. Then right-click. Click on Shape Magic in the pop-up menu. And then select "Blackout." Bye-bye face!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dollar Day Deluge! A flood of dollar pricing!

Get on board and sail over to the Dollar Day Deluge, where you can pick up all your favorite products for only $1-2! Everything has been wiped down to dollar pricing for 5 days only!
Shop the Dollar Day Deluge now and save on average 75%! And while there, make sure you earn your Conscientiously Collection when you spend only $12.
Have you earned your Conscientiously Collection? This enormous collection, valued at $27 can be yours when you spend only $12 (accumulative!) from March 1- 31. See the Conscientiously Collection here.

And grab today's FREEBIE! Our LDJ Looney Font is free until Sunday at midnight, MST. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Picks on Sale Now!

It's time to think Spring! We've marked some of our favorite Spring picks down 50% off! And with our coupon code: MoreGreenForMe you can save an additional 40% off any purchase of $10 or more!!!
Shop our Spring Picks now!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Shop all new product and save more green!

Not everyone gets a chance to fall in love in Paris, but with the new Paris Collection, you will have a chance to fall in love WITH Paris. Shop the new Paris product now and build your own colorful Eiffel Tower.
If you love 3D projects you will love the new Around Our Home Cut Project. With many different landscapings to choose from, you can customize your project to more like your own home or your dream home. Check out Around Our Home.
You know what Monday is?! Yes, it's St. Patrick's Day. Get in the spirit with the new Mean and Grrrreen Product. Monsters not your thing? Shop St. Patrick's Day Product now.
Have you earned your Conscientiously Collection? This enormous collection, valued at $27 can be yours when you spend only $12 (accumulative!) from March 1- 31. See the Conscientiously Collection here.
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And grab today's FREEBIE! Our Paris Girl is available in Cut It or Graphic and is FREE until Sunday at midnight, MST.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Irish Pride

Show your Irish pride this St. Patrick's day and dress your home in shades of green! This Ombré Shamrock Wall Hanging, is a fun gorgeous way to give your house some Irish flair.


Luck of the Irish Cut It Set or grab it in the Gettin' Lucky Cut It Bundle, still on sale for just $4
Cardstock (several shades of green)
3-D foam dots


Using shamrock image no. 8 from the Luck of the Irish Cut It Set, cut out 5 or so shamrocks of each shade of green paper. Use the foam dots to give the hanging some depth and adhere to a piece of cardstock.

Cut out and assemble image no. 10 the Kiss Me I'm Irish banner. Using foam dots adhere to the top of the hanging.

Frame and use for fun, St. Patrick's day decor!
Looking for another fun use of the Gettin' Lucky Bundles?  Check out this fun Pot of Gold from Joanna at I love 2 Cut Paper!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dream Big Day

It's national Dream 2014 Day! We're celebrating by putting some amazing Dream Inspired Bundles together!

Included in the bundles is the fun set that inspired this amazing card from Jin Yong. Check out her tutorial here!

Grab our Dream Big Bundles available in Cut It Bundle or Graphics, on sale for one week only! Offer ends March, 18, 2014 at midnight, MST.

Dream Big Cut It Bundle on sale for just $9:

Dream Big Graphics Bundle on sale for just $11:

Friday, March 7, 2014

When it rains, it pours!

When it rains it pours! But you won't be saying you want this outpouring of rainy product to go away!
Check out the new Puddle Jumping Collection. You'll want to jump in feet first and get the whole collection because we are offering it bundled with the In Like a Lion Collectionat a 60% discount in the March Mallow Graphics Bundle.
For those of you that prefer to jump in with cut sets, buy the March Mallow Cut Bundle for only $5. That is like getting one cut set for FREE!
We told you, you will love the outpouring of new rainy product! Get Noah's Ark, a brand new collection available exclusively at checkout at a 50% savings!
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tip: Easy-to-create Pinocchio Straw Topper from the Conscientiously Collection

Have you earned your FREE Conscientiously Collection yet?  Check out this adorable and easy to make straw topper idea. Just use the front facing Pinocchio and you can either print and cut the graphics or use the cut it, and take a regular sized hole punch (perfectly straw sized) and punch a hole through the nose. Insert the straw and Pinocchio's nose is ready-made!

There is still time left to earn this amazing collection absolutely FREE!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Leprechaun Trap

With a few minor alterations, you can use this Leprechaun Hat to make your own Leprhechaun Trap! Simply elongate the hat in Illustrator (or other similar program). You can even do it in Make-The-Cut! Make sure you size the circles and belt to match. I then copied hat piece A and cut off the end to create piece B. I also created a 2nd smaller circle to be the top of the hat (piece D).See below image of the altered pattern.

 Cut the pieces out and glue the tabs on A to piece C. Adhere piece B to the topmost portion of the hat (see photo below).

Now cut out and adhere belt and shamrock. Lay smaller circle on top (this is the trap part so you don't want to glue). And lastly, every leprechaun needs something to lure him into his trap, so used some gold coins or scrunch up some gold foil and adhere to the top. Have fun and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!