Monday, December 16, 2013

Customize your phone photos with graphics from LD!

Anyone who has downloaded LD files, knows they are GREAT for customizing photos to make them uniquely creative.

We just discovered a fun app available for your smart phones that allows you to create collages from LD graphics right on your smart phone!  It's called Pic Collage.

It didn't take us long to realize, we could make REALLY cute and fun photos!  It is so easy too....

1.  You will want to move some of your favorite graphics from LD to your phone.  You can use blue tooth, Drop Box, hard wire it, email it...whatever works for you.

2.  Download Pic Collage and install to your phone

3.  Open Pic Collage and tap where instructed to add photo

4.  A little window opens up asking where you want to grab your first photo from.  We store everything in sub-folders in our gallery.  Choose a folder and add the selected photo to the background.

5.  You can resize it or rotate it by dragging it with your fingers.

6.  Click the (+) plus button to add another image.  You can add more photos, or at this point you can choose to grab one of your graphics.  You can also add text or files from the web.

7. Save and share!  

Tip:  You don't even have to start with a photo!  You can make a collage completely from graphics and text!
Tip:  To change the background click on the bottom left hand icon that looks like a small grid. There is a whole selection to choose from:

More examples:

Make sure you share your creations with friends!  Pic Collage has a convenient share button that you can use to access your FaceBook, Twitter, email, and more!

Want to find the perfect graphics to dress up photos?  Check out this link!  We've stockpiled them in one convenient location!  All the above graphics are available and more!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I hope to use it soon with all the family holiday photographs. Go BSU! (I live in MH.)