Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Easter Candy Wrap

Make these simple and darling candy wraps in a matter of minutes.Perfect for classroom handouts, party favors or a little give away to your friends. So easy, even the kiddos could help!

Patterned scrapbook paper (check out the new Hops and Tweets paper pack!)
Hops and Tweets Graphic Set
paper cutter
double-stick tape or glue gun
cellophane bags

Begin by printing out your paper onto a lightweight cardstock. If you want to digitally overlay a diamond before you print it out you can ignore the next step. If not, take a ruler and lightly draw a diamond on the back of the paper. Then cut out your diamond shape.
Next roll your diamond shape into a cone by rolling along the widest sides. Adhere together with double-stick tape or a glue gun.
Print and cut out your Hops and Tweets graphic.
Embellish with ribbon and adhere the graphic. Then fill with your desired goody!
Drop the cone in a small cellophane bag and tie off with a cute ribbon!

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