Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Locker Album

Make this darling locker album with our new Go Team Lockers Cut It Set. A unique school time memory keeper perfect for accenting the fun times you had there.
Add as many pages as you want! No memory is too precious, especially for these special times! This set contains enough images to emphasize each one.
Go Team Lockers Cut It Set
Card stock
small hole punch
jump rings

Begin by importing the locker, the football and the apple Cut It images into Make-The-Cut. I sized the locker to 4 inches wide, then arranged the football and apple on top, sizing each one appropriately.
On the layers menu in MTC, click on the plus sign on each one to make each layer visible. We are going to first duplicate the bottom layer of the apple and the bottom layer of the football. Just hit cntrl + C to copy and ctrl + v to paste. Now merge one of each of the duplicate layers down to the bottom layer of the locker. You just do this by clicking on that layer and using the down arrow to move it down.
Select the 3 bottom layers (the apple, locker and football) by holding down shift and then selecting each layer. Weld the layers together by hitting control + W. This will be the back of your album.
Now you can stop here and cut, but if you would like to remove the knob on the side where the lock protrudes then follow then next couple of steps.

Begin by zooming into the area you are going to remove the nodes on. Click on the little wrench tool at the bottom and select "Nodes on Mat". Now go to the top menu bar and select View>Node Mode. When the node buttons pop up, select the one with the 3 nodes and the arrow. Now hover over the segment you want to delete till it changes color then hit "delete." Continue to delete any remaining segments.
Now we need to reconnect the missing segment. Select the little calligraphy looking pen. Now hover over the first point you want to connect and click then draw a line to the second point. Right click to release it.
Now go ahead and cut out the locker and any other images you want to used as embellishments. Assemble as desired. You can use ribbon, wire coils or any other means to bring the album together, but if you want to use jump rings, I begin by measuring off where I wanted to place them.
Then I used my mini hole punch and inserted the jump rings!
Finished product!

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  1. Love this!! Thanks for the nodes removal technique!

    Carmen L