Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Silhouette Colored Eggs

The tradition of dying Easter eggs has a long history, but over the years the techniques and artistry has evolved. And now there are so many fun and amazing things to do with your eggs, that each year you can enjoy finding a something new to do with your eggs! These easy silhouette eggs are so fabulously simple that even your kids can have fun doing them.

Boiled eggs
Vinyl or Contact Paper
Digital cutter or exacto knife
Easter Cut It Simple Shapes
Any of Patricia Zapata's Flower Cut Its

Begin by cutting out what shapes you want to use on vinyl or contact paper. Either works great! If you don't have a digital cutter, trace the silhouettes onto contact paper and cut out using an exacto or scissors. Peel off the backing from your silhouettes and place them onto the eggs. Make sure you burnish the edges well so that they stick firm to the egg.

Go ahead and then submerge the eggs in your dye.
Remove the egg after the color reaches the saturation level you desire. Then let dry completely before you remove the stickers.
And your amazing silhouette eggs are born!

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