Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Assemble the Hops and Tweets 3D Set

Begin by cutting out all the elements you plan to use from the Hops and Tweets 3D set. Adhere the features to the bunny head and breast. Also assemble the bunny saddle. The legs fit onto each side of the hip piece that has 3 slits. His body will eventually sit in the middle slit. Once the saddle is assembled, insert the harness rods and then glue saddle into place on his body.
You will then fold over the neck portion on the body and insert into the slit on the front legs. And insert the body into the middle portion of the hip. Glue his head onto the fold.
Assemble the cart. It's easiest to apply the embellishments and decor before you glue it together. 
To attach wheels to cart, begin by inserting the axles into the bottom layer of the wheel and glue flap down. Then adhere the top two layers of the wheel over the flap, centered onto the wheel.
Apply glue to axels and adhere cart.
Assemble the egg carrier and glue to the bottom center of the inside of the cart.
You will then assemble the flowers and stick into the slots on the ledges of the inside of the cart.  Assemble the chick by inserting the body into the middle of the legs. Attach embellishments to the wings then fold the top portion down and glue onto each side of the chick.
Lastly, insert harness into the cart!


  1. So cute. Thank goodness you posted this so I know how to assemble!