Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Valentines to make for HIM

Your guy deserves some TLC and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show him you care.  We've got a lot of cutesy product on LD that is perfect for kids but we have stuff that works for your man too.  Check out this top ten list for HIM!

1. 10 Things I love About You..:  You can't go wrong with any version of this set.  Whether you choose the accordion cards, or the cupcake wrappers, or the matchbox mini cards, they are all designed so you can just list the 10 Things you love about your significant other!
10 Things I Love About You Mini Cards

2.  Hot Chocolate about You: You might be "cocoa" about him or maybe you love him a "latte".  The Hot Chocolate about You covers your bases.

I'm Cocoa for You envelope with hot cocoa mix

Joanna's Love You a Latte Card made from "Hot Chocolate For You"
3.  Simple Box filled with a little "tweet"  treat! You know what he likes... gather it up and put it in the Square Box.  In addition to adding a little "treat" to the box, you could make the box from a wood print and use the "Wood you be mine" tag.
See Joanna's "I Tweet You" Project

4. Date Night in a Box:  Get creative with your gifts.  Give of yourself and create a night he will love.  The Date Night in a Box  is a perfect solution for a really great Valentine gift idea for him!

5. Knock it out of the park with the "Big Bad Dad Collection".  Use this collection to let your special someone know they are a "knock out".  Pair it with homemade tickets to the upcoming pay-per-view fight and you will have a big win.

6. Valentine Schmalentine:  We've put an "adult content warning" on this product.  Don't worry, there is no graphic images and no X-rated wording.  The adult content lies within the meaning of clever puns. Some of our favorites actually do not need an "adult content warning".  Here are some great gift ideas that go with our favorites:

  • Nice Buns:  A plate of delicious cinnamon buns
  • Let's Canoodle:  Gift card to noodle-y restaurant
  • I love you from my head TOMATOES: Homemade or specialty salsa
  • You're Brew-ti-ful:  Gourmet beer
  • Wood you be mine?:  Nice wooden cutting board
  • We make a great pear:  Chocolate or caramel covered pears
  • "Olive You":  Gourmet olives, gourmet olive oil, or gift card to the "Olive Garden"
Jin uses Valentine Schmalentine to make card and matching tags

See Joanna use a Valentine Schmalentine

There are plenty more of great ideas for you significant other in the Valentine Schmalentine Collection and with a focus on less-cutesy art, you are sure to please!

7. Hogs and Kisses: You know he likes kisses...now for the "hogs".  Use the "Hogs and Kisses Collection"  to make the perfect card to go with his bacon breakfast in bed!
Jin teaches you how to make a shaped and layered "Hog Wild About You" card.
Love the idea of "Hogs and Kisses" but want less effort?  Grab the Hogs and Kisses mini Tic Tac Toe file and give him some red and white Tic Tacs®!
Joanna's mini Tic Tac example
8. Just Toolin Around:  If your significant other loves tools and you love puns this is a match made in heaven!  Some great puns to use this Valentines Day with your guy:
  • to a stud
  • you're no tool
  • let's get hammered
  • I'm putty in your hands
  • you're "awl" I need
  • come "unhinged"
  • time to loosen up!

There are plenty of ideas for great Valentines for Him.  Check out Just Toolin Around.

9. King of the Grill: If your guy is king of the grill, this is the perfect collection for him.  Enclose a gift card or some treats to make it a little more special but he'll still know his place is King of the Grill.

10. Eat Your Heart Out:  They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach that is why "Eat Your Heart Out" is perfect!  This is the easiest way to make a cute little Valentine and add a bite of food to it.

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