Thursday, February 5, 2015

Squawk Box Valentine's Box

With some minor tweaking, you can turn your Squawk Boxes into the perfect Valentine box.


Squawk Box Cut Set
Squawk Box Cut Project


First you will need to size both the bag and the Squawk Cut It you decide to use together. My bag went from 5.71 x 9.8495 to 17.2975 x 29.7984.  There are many programs you can do this in, either the cut program you use, or one of the vector art programs, like Illustrator or Inkscape.

Then next thing I did was had to cut apart the bag, so it could fit on 12" paper. You can see where I cut apart below. Again, do this in your Cut program or vector base program.
Next you will have to make some revisions to glue the bag together. I copied two of the tabs I cut off from the right side of the bag and merged them together, (Make sure you keep an unmerged copy of this, because we will use this tab several times more.  I also copied the score lines on the right and added them to the left.
For the other half of this topmost piece I again copied the right side I had previously cut off and rotated it around, then shrunk it down a hair. Basically I only want the tab from this piece so that it can glue to the rest of the bag. Should look  like this:
The bottom half of the bag uses the same tab again, to create another glue tab. Again rotating around and shrinking it horizontally then applying it to the piece that will be the flap. I also created a small hole for valentines to be dropped in in the back as well.
Follow the directions on the pdf on how to putt he bag together, then build the rest of the Squawk Box Cut It as normal and glue to the top flap of the bag.  Shop our Valentine Sale right now. Tonight is the last night to get 50% off any purchase of $16 or more with coupon code: Touchdown.

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