Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tulip Pop Bouquet

Brighten anyone's day with this delightful Tulip treat!  A fun easy to make gift, or make an entire tulip bush as a fun centerpiece for a party or shower.  Or simplify your Easter and use as a non-traditional Easter basket. Begin by finding a simple balloon in any party themed cut set. We used Ice Princess Party Cut Set. And the basket is from Tisket and Taskets Cut It Projects.

Bring the balloon in Make-the-Cut or like program. I deleted all layers except the basic balloon.

Next, make a rectangle with the shape tool above, just double click on the rectangle shape. I made my rectangle just under half an inch by just under one inch.
Now you want to center these shapes by right clicking and selecting align>align vertically. And then you want to weld them together.  Right click>shape magic>weld (control +W).
 Now you want to copy the shape 5 times.
 Then you will align again. Right click>align>align horizontally. Then Right click>space>space horizontally. Weld together. Right click>shape magic>weld (control +W).
Now cut out your tulip. You will fold down the center of each two.
Bring around together and glue the 5th piece to the 4th side.
Stick your sucker in and tie with ribbon. Use floral foam to stick your tulips up in, and you have a fun fast gift!

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