Thursday, April 17, 2014

Candy Melt Bunny Toppers

Get into the spirit of the holiday and make this special treat for that some "bunny" special! These fun toppers are easy to make and entirely edible!

Little Peanuts Graphic Set
Candy Melts in pink and white
wax paper
black decorating gel
plastic bags


Begin by printing out an army of bunnies from the Little Peanuts Graphic Set. Lay the print out on a cookie sheet and cover with wax paper.
Starting with the white candy melts, pour about half the bag into a microwave safe bowl, and follow the directions to melt them.

Melted product should look like this:
Scoop the melted candy into a plastic sandwich bag. Then we are going to cut off a tiny corner.
Then you carefully start to trace over the bunnies with your melted chocolate. It may take a few tries before perfection, the melt is easy to scrap back off and put back into the bowl. I start down with one ear, circle around the head and up the other ear, back down and do the body.
Then once the white sets up, remove it from the tray, and put a fresh piece of wax paper on for the pink. Following the same directions as before, trace over the ears, cheeks and stomach with the pink candy melt.
Wait for both sides to completely set up, then you will remelt some more pink candy melt. Peel off your ears, cheeks and tummy one at a time and use a tooth pick to adhere a little melted candy melt to the pieces and stick to the bunny body.
Squirt out a little bit  of the black decorating gel, and use a toothpick to apply eyes and a nose.
Finished bunnies should look like this:
Let the black set up for a bit, then you can stick these little guys directly on top of your frosted cupcakes, for a fun, delectable treat!

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