Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pencil Flower Bouquet

Create a fun pencil bouquet using the Dimensional Flowers Cut It  and the No Handled Baskets Cut It from the Great Gift Giving Bundle. Easy to make and more fun to give!


Dimensional Flowers Cut It Projects
No Handled Baskets Cut It Projects
Crinkle shred
floral foam block (optional)


This arrangement pulls together pretty easy, however there are some slight adjustments you need to make to the flower to stick onto the pencil. I did this in Make-the-Cuts, but would be easy to do in any like program or even Inkscape.

Begin by bringing in the flower into Make-the-Cuts. I'm using the 3rd image from the Dimensional Flowers Cut It.  We will want to resize the flower down to about 2 inches by 1.8 inches. I have two flowers here so you can see the difference from the original size, but we also want to use the center of the original flower size, so you can delete everything on the larger flower except the center.
Next pull the image apart. I actually ended up deleting the smallest flower layer and only used the first two layers. So you should have the following pieces:
Take the center from the larger flower and copy it, so you have a total of 3. Place the center in the middle of the two flower pieces. Make sure you align and center them (select both images, right-click > align and space > align > align vertically, then do again and align horizontally). Also place a center over the leaf end as shown.
Now we will merge the centers with the piece underneath. (select both and hit control + w)
Now we will take the smaller center (which should be about .25 inches in diameter) and copy three times and place over the centers of each flower and leaf. (Make sure you align and center - see above).
Now we are going to select the center with the piece underneath and we are going to exclude the center using the Boolean join tool. (right-click> shape magic > boolean join > exclude). You can see what the result looks like on the flower on the right below.
Exclude the center on each flower and leaf. Then you can copy and cut as many flowers as you need.  And build flowers onto the end of each pencil.

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