Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Valentine Cozy Date Night In

Need a cheap, fun romantic date this Valentines? Get creative and make a cozy Date Night in a box! Box includes everything you need for a fun evening in.

Popcorn Box Cut It Set
Seasoned Love Simple Shapes Cut It Set
Valentine Game Night Graphic Set


Begin by printing out the tickets and game cards from the Valentine Game Night Graphic Set. I sized down the cards a little to fit inside my popcorn box. Then I cut out and assembled my Popcorn box, and the love notes, key, and hearts from the Seasoned Love Simple Shapes Cut It Set.

Folded up Key to my Heart from the Seasoned Love Simple Cut It Set, contains the evening plans. Instead of using the emboss layer as embossing. I simply inverted it and cut it out as a second layer and glued to the top of each heart. Wrap it up with some bakers twine and tie off with the key.

Write love notes to each other. Play games, pop some popcorn, enjoy a sweet treat and a movie cuddled up on the couch.

Package it up and you have a simple, creative, perfect romantic evening for two.