Saturday, February 23, 2013

LD Oscar Party

The nominations are in for our 2013 Oscars and we are having an Oscar Party all weekend long. Each day we will post a selection of top product, and we want you to vote on your favorite. All of our nominees are on sale until Monday at midnight, MST. And the winner for each category will get a complimentary coordinating product made! Click on the links below to see the sale and get your free printables.

Vote over to the right--------------->

Alphabet Nominees:

Graphics Nominees:

Cut It's Nominees:


  1. I only see the vote for the graphics, will the cut it's be put up on a different day. The instructions didn't seem clear on that part. Thanks :)

    1. We originally did it on Facebook yesterday, but I went ahead and put one to the left now and I will combine the votes from facebook. Tomorrow we will be putting up the alphas as well.