Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Chalkboard Talk Bubbles Photo Props

Say hello to my new favorite product...chalk board contact paper! I have so many fun plans for this stuff, but today its Chalk Board Talk Bubble Photo Props. Simple easy project that adds some fun to your photos!

Chalk Board Contact Paper
Card stock
Talk Cut It Simple Shapes
Wood Dowels (optional)


Begin by covering your card stock carefully with the Chalk Board Contact paper.

Once done, simple use LD's Talk Cut It Simple Shapes, and cut out the various bubbles you wish to use. And get to writing!

Have fun!!!


  1. Great idea! I have some of that paper now just begging to be used for this! :)

  2. Great tip!! I'll be looking for this.

    Thanks for the post,

    Carmen L

  3. Brilliant project and such beautiful kids.

  4. LOL! Love this project! Great tip on the chalkboard contact paper. I've been using chalkboard vinyl a lot lately but it'll be fun to find some cb contact paper to play with. :)