Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Easy Silhouette Art

 I have this tiny strip of space in my kitchen, between my patio doors and stone arch that was just screaming for some artwork. I found a simple, cute and very effective solution. This silhouette art was so easy, it might not be long before silhouettes will be popping up all over my house!


Kitchen Utensils Cut It Simple Shapes
Spray Paint
Repositional Spray Mount Adhesive


Begin by painting your canvas whichever underlying color that you want. I decided to bring out the various colors in my curtains. Let them dry while you go cut out your Kitchen Utensils Cut It Silhouettes. I had previously sized my utensils online to the size of canvas I was using.

Take your canvases, silhouettes, and spray mount outside, and lightly coat the back side of the silhouettes.

Let dry 1 minute then place them on your canvas where you want and press firmly all over.

Now coat it with your spray paint.

Let dry completely, then remove the silhouettes. This fun artwork can be done with any of our Cut It Simple Shapes to go in any room in the house!