Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Wedding Photo Booth Photo Props

His and hers eyeglass photo props?! I do, I definitely do! Making your own darling wedding photo booth photo props couldn't be easier. And wouldn't this make for the most fun wedding photos?!


Spectator Specs SVGs
LD Buttercream
wooden dowels


Before you begin, make sure you have LD Buttercream installed on your computer. Open up Make-the-Cut and open the Spectator Specs SVG's you desire to use. We used 04 for the Mr. and 06 for the Mrs. Now using the text and fonts feature in Make-the-Cut to the right of the virtual mat, click on the text fonts tab under the virtual mat tab. Select LD Buttercream in your fonts, and click the text button underneath so that a text box will pop up and you can write in "Mr."

Go ahead and pull on the corner until Mr. is the size you want. Then you will right mouse click>shape magic>split. Now Mr. will be broken up into 3 separate pieces. Adjust the pieces so that they are all touching.

Once everything is positioned where you want, select everything then, right mouse click>shape magic>weld. Now everything should be joined together and ready to cut!

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