Thursday, August 30, 2012

Doing More with Simple Shapes: Gift Wrap Set

Our brand new Simple Shapes Super Bundle Plus is still available for just $49 until August 31st at midnight, MST. With over 800 images its less than 17 cents an image! This bundle boasts 50 new sets including this amazing Gift Wrap Set. Everything you need to wrap the perfect little gift! Just in case you weren't sure how to use it, follow the directions below to see how amazingly fun and simple it is!

Simple Gift Wrap Cut It
Card stock


Begin by cutting out your boxes and bows using coordinating cardstock. Fold the box on the score lines and bring up together. The top and bottom fold similarly, however the top has an addition flap for extra support as shown:

This set has two bow styles. A typical "tied" bow, and then two styles of floral like bows. To make the paper tied bow, cut out and fold up together, linking the two cut lines as shown:
Once the bow is pressed together, wrap the small strip around the center and glue.

To make the flower bow, simply cut out and insert a brad into one petal, and continue around bringing up each petal and inserting it into the brad. When all the petals are inserted, poke brad through the center of the bow and bend the legs so that it stays. There is an optional additional size for each style, if you want to make a double layer.

Lastly combine all the elements to make a package quite possibly prettier than the gift ;)

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  1. Thanks for the visuals on this project, loving the little decorative bows.