Friday, August 24, 2012

Simple Shapes Super PLUS Bundle is here!

The Original Simple Shapes Super Bundle has been our all time BEST SELLER and you've begged for more! 

Introducing the Simple Shapes Super PLUS Bundle! This bundle boasts 50 new sets bundled together for only $49! This EXCEPTIONAL savings will only be available until August 31st so take advantage of it now! That is less than $1 for each set! 

BONUS! The Simple Shapes Super PLUS product has a bonus layer! Some cutting machines allow you to change out your blade for an embossing tool or writing tool. The bonus "plus" layers allows you to embellish your files prior to cutting. Don't worry if you don't want the extra work. You can ignore that layer. That is why it's a bonus layer. 

 Ready to save even more? Use coupon code: KISSme for a savings of 50% when you spend $98. Take advantage of this super savings when you buy both bundles and it's like you get one for free!

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