Friday, May 18, 2012

A Mad Scientist Party How-To, additional ideas and FREEBIE!

Creating Mad Scientist was fun, but being able to use it for a mad scientist themed party was, to date, the best party we've had yet! There is so much you can do for a science party, the ideas were endless, but since I'm 8 months pregnant I decided to base my party at our local Discovery Center and let them do most of the actual party work, while I just made up the decor, invites and party favors. So check out how I used the Mad Scientist Products to create the ultimate Science Party!

Materials Needed:

Mad Scientist Collection
Mad Scientist Party Cut Its
LDJ Robby Robot
Men's White Dress Shirt
Inkjet printable transfer paper
Party Favors

Using the Mad Scientist and Mad Scientist's Assistant Alphabets to make a custom party invitation:

Check out our video tutorial, or go ahead and read below.

You will notice in the Mad Scientist Party Graphic set there are two invitations. One for easy fill in and the other open to add the the alphabets and text for custom wording. In Photoshop (or like program), open up the blank invite without any fill in lines.
Go to Lettering Delights and make sure you are signed in so that you can use any of the products you have purchased. Click on the Mad Scientist Collection and choose the Mad Scientist's Assistant Alphabet. Using the Try Me Now Tool, go ahead and just type in the month for your party. I used all capital letters so that it would fill the space better. Save to your computer and open it in Photoshop. Select the entire image by hitting CTRL + A and then copy it (CTRL +C). Paste it onto the invite (CTRL + V). Drag it into the top center of the gray box. Go back to LD and click on the Mad Scientist Alphabet. Repeating the process with the Try Me Now Tool, enter the date of the party and again save and open in photoshop, copying and pasting onto your invite. Then drag it just below where you placed the month. The rest I just inputted using the LDJ Robby Robot font and typing directly on top of the invitation. Save and print!

My finished invite looks like this:

This set is filled with all the items you need to help make fun decor as well as enhance your party favors, food and treats. Create your own party bags with tags from the Mad Scientist Party Graphic Set and Images from the Mad Scientist Cut It Set, or use the Bag included in the Mad Scientist Party Cut It Set.
Cute treats serve as decor, but also excite the kids as well! I picked up these green sixlets at a local party store. They filled the test tubes perfectly.

Amazon is a great resource for cheap party supplies including these test tube. I also purchased cheap goggles for each of the kids, magnifying glasses, bubbles and pop rocks. They also had petrie dishes, beakers of every shape and size.

Attach the printable water labels for quick, cute drinks!
A Mad Scientist Party wouldn't be complete without a bunch of mad scientists!
Forgo the typical party hat for the Mad Scientist hair and goggle cap available in the Mad Scientist Party Cut It. Cut out bow ties and then make your own lab coats using today's FREEBIE!
How to make your own Mad Scientist Lab Coats:

Go to your local thrift store and pick up some men's dress shirts. Using printable transfer paper, print out the backwards Mad Scientist Printable and iron it on to the back of your shirt, using the hottest cotton setting. Be sure to let it cool before you peel the back off. Simple, easy and best of all...FAST! Enjoy and happy Friday! Offer for FREE Mad Scientist Printable is good until Sunday May 20th at midnight, MST.


  1. Love the set,
    Thank you for the Freebie and setting the one for Iron-ons up for us : )