Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Cinco-De-Mayo Party

Pull out your sombrero and glue on your mustache, it's fiesta time! Celebrate Cinco-de-Mayo this Saturday with our new and fun graphics and cut it sets. With our Cinco-De-Mustache Collection, create a fun and simple invitation. You will love the Kawaii style images and your guests won't be able to resist an invite where even the drinks look like they are having a good time!

Materials for Invite:
Cinco-De-Mustache Collection
LD This and That
LD Woodland

To create this invite begin a new 5" by 7" document in Photoshop or like program. Use the paint bucket (G) to fill the background red. Bring in the 'shake your maracas',cerveza, martini glass and lime graphics (or feel free to use  any of the other great graphics in the set) and lay them out on top of the red background. Select the rectangle marque (M), and make a new layer by selecting shift+Cntl+N. Use your eyedropper tool (I) to select the yellow from the cerveza graphic and then switch to the paint bucket (G) and fill your rectangular marquee. Now use your eyedropper (I) and select the darker blue from the martini glass. Make another new layer (shift+cntl+N) and create a smaller rectangle with the marquee (M) and fill it with the blue. I used LD This and That for the words 'come' and '6:00pm' and LD Woodland for cinco-de-mayo and Saturday. Have fun and get creative!

Need some easy Cinco-De-Mayo Party decor? Check out Bloomeria only available at check out! The cut-it set makes a beautiful and perfect festive banner. Or combine two of the rectangular banners and adhere together to make a gorgeous luminary. Patricia Zapata's new Mission Party Cut It features a fantastic lantern, the perfect addition to the holiday decorations.

Need more ideas?
No Cinco-de-mayo party would be complete without mustache straws! These easy to make straw embellishments are from our Mustache Mania SVG set number 14. Size the mustache to at least 5" and cut out by hand or using your electronic cutter. Use a regular sized hole punch and punch a hole in the middle of the mustache. 

Looking to save on these fun new sets? Use coupon code: FIESTA to save 40% on a purchase of $50 or more! Have fun and happy Cinco-de-Mayo!

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