Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Collage a Mother's Day Card

This Mother's Day create a unique and special card beautiful enough to frame!


Queen of Our Castle Graphic Set
Queen of Our Castle Papers
picture of dear mom

I combined both digital elements as well as physical elements to make this card, however the whole thing could be printed out and collaged together as well. I began by creating a 5" by 7" canvas in photoshop and copied the Queen of Our Castle Papers I wanted to use and pasted them into my work space. I then shrunk down the papers so that the prints would be a little smaller. I selected the entire space and pressed shift+contrl+c, so that I would copy the two papers together and pasted the image twice on a blank 8.5" by 11" canvas and printed it out.
I cut out the paper and folded it in half to create the base of my card. 

Digitally I cut my mom out of the background of the picture I used. You can do this by erasing the background, or using the want or lasso tools to select and delete the background. This gave me a backgroundless image that I was free to play with. So after pasting her into my 5 by 7 canvas (so that I could ensure the right sizing), I then began to bring in graphics and elements from the Queen of Our Castle Graphic set, sizing as needed and placing them behind on top until I got the look I wanted.I printed out the result on photo paper and cut out. 

I cut out smaller rectangle (5.25" by 3.25") and used the mini pop dots to attach the graphic of my mom in the center. I also used some distressing ink around the edges of the rectangle piece. I then glued a piece of cordinating ribbon around the card. Carefully gluing all along the back, but leaving a small piece unglued on the front, so that my card can still open and close. Using more pop dots, I attached the rectangle piece to the center of the card. I attached the I love You graphic, a few more floral embellishments and then tied the entire thing together! 

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  1. Love the Look of the card thanks for the Ideas