Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Crafting with Kids Spring Art

I love having my child create me art that I can hang in my home. In my opinion, there is nothing cooler than kid art and nothing more surprising, which makes it all the better. This cool little Floral Paper collage, turned out amazing and was fun for us both!


Mulberry Lane Too SVGs
card stock
Scrapbook Paper
mod podge

Start, by splitting up and cutting out your Mulberry Lane Too Flowers onto a piece of heavy card stock. This will be used as a stencil, so I went ahead on put them all on one sheet.
Go ahead and begin ripping up a piece of scrapbook paper that would make a suitable sky. This was probably my son's favorite part, since he has an avid love of destroying things. He couldn't believe I gave him the go ahead to rip up a piece of my "pretty" paper. We actually used 1 and 1/2 sheets for our 10" square canvas.
When that is done, go ahead and mod podge them onto your canvas. I let my son do most of this, and just helped here and there to make sure everything was stuck down. Make sure you paint the mod podge under as well as on top of your paper.
The finished canvas should look like this:
While your canvas is drying, use the Mulberry Lane Too Stencil you made to trace the flower shapes onto the backs of the the scrapbook paper. I went ahead and did this part.
I then handed over the paper for my son to do the cutting.
When all the floral pieces are cut out, paint a coat of mod podge over them and let dry.
I then had my son go ahead and paint on some grass using a sea sponge and then some flower stems and leaves.
Glue the flowers together and then adhere to your canvas!

An adorable project made by and even more adorable artist!

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