Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Mailbox Help

If you are looking to build our Valentine Mailbox SVG's, I've created a little guide of the essential pieces and where they adhere to. The rest of the items in the set are decorative and can be placed where ever you desire.

In a nutshell you must use a front, either piece #8 or #11. #15 Glues to front edge of #10 or #11, depending on which piece you used. #12 is your bottom. Fold #14 into a horseshoe like shape and adhere to #12. Adhere your back (#10) to the back of #14 and top of #12. Lastly, adhere whichever front you made, then add embellishments or other elements as you desire.

I hope this helps! If not check out a finished product at the amazing blog of Jin Yong at Under the Cherry Tree!

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