Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Tip: Hand-print Leprechaun Kid's Craft

I always try to do a fun decoration with my son for each of the holidays, and when I found this idea on Pinterest I knew he'd have a blast re-creating it. Not only is it really cute, but its super easy to make!


Holiday Hats SVG
card stock
orange and peach paint
black sharpie


1. Begin by painting your child's hand, excluding the thumb, in the two colors of paint. You have to move quickly so you can get it printed before it dries. Print it onto white card stock and let dry.

2. Measure your child's palm and then re-size and cut out the leprechaun hat from the Holiday Hats SVG so that it will fit appropriately on top of the palm.

3. Using a black sharpie or marker, have your child give the little hand leprechaun a fun face.

4. I then let him add green glitter glue to the hat, because who doesn't love a hat that sparkles?!

5. Once everything is dry, assemble the hat and adhere to the top of the Hand-print leprechaun.

Hang up and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. That is So Sweet,
    Love the Idea.
    and Thanks for adding More Irish things
    to the This years Luck of the Irish Set
    for ST. Patrick's Day. wish you could take the Frames from the Gaelic Sentiment DB and make them a simple shapes style of SVG's having the Knot in the inside of the corner instead of the outside, turning the Celtic Knot into a photo corner. Just a thought