Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday's Tip: ABC Valentine Decoration

Express your affection to your family by making this fun and easy Valentine hanging. Homemade Valentine's decorations can add that much needed romantic and festive atmosphere to any room in the house. Not only that, my 4 year old went nuts over this one, because he knew exactly what this was. And every time he walks by he loves to tell me all the letters!


Classy Charm Alpha SVG (or if you don't want to cut it out, you can choose any favorite font)
Heart SVG (I used Cuppa Tea SVG)


I began by setting up my alphabet in Illustrator. You could also do this in Inkscape or even Photoshop. This way I was able to create my 8" by 10" frame and get the letters evenly spaced. I just used the PDF version of the file, but you could also open the SVG's. Once everything was where I wanted it, I printed out the file on white card stock. You could stop here and frame it, but if you want that extra pizazz, I continued by using my electronic cutter to cut out each of the letters and the hearts in cardstock of similar color. I attached each letter and heart to the printed alphabet with the 3D dots to give it that raised look. Once it was finished I framed and hung it!

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