Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday's Tip: Using Photoshop and the TMNT Tool to refrost some Frosting!

Have I mentioned that I love Sheri Berry's Frosting Set? Not only is it stunningly beautiful, but you don't have to be limited to use it just for Christmas. I decided for our New Years Party we are having this year, that this would make the perfect decor. With a couple easy tweaks they are 'New Year' ready!

Using the Try Me Now Tool (TMNT) and Photoshop (or other photo editing program) you can easily make this set New Year ready too. Make sure you are signed onto you account at LD and begin by going to the Holiday Frosting Alphabet and click on the Try Me Now icon in the upper right hand corner of the alphabet. In the text box, write your first title that you want to use. I'm starting with 2012 that I'm going to put on one of the Holiday Frosting Labels to turn into a cupcake topper. Change the resolution to High and click save. This will automatically save the title you typed as a full resolution .png.

In Photoshop or like program, open up the Holiday Frosting Label you want to use in Print Cut or Graphics. I'll be using 1 and 2 for my toppers. Open up the title you just saved from the TMNT and copy and paste it on top of the label. Go to the layers menu, select the 2010 layer. Now click on the drop down arrow on the right hand of the layers menu and select convert to smart object. This will allow you to resize you number without loosing any resolution. If you don't have an option like this sizing down isn't as big as and issue and if you need to size down without you probably wouldn't notice a difference. Hit Control+T to transform your numbers. Holding shift and dragging at the corner at the same time to maintain a uniform shape. Continue to re-size until it fits in the center of the circle.  Now the final product will actually be too big to be a cupcake topper. Once I had everything where I wanted it I re-sized the entire image so that the diameter of the circle was about 1 1/2 inches. I repeated the entire process Using the first label, and the words Happy New Year.

For my invitation, you could easily use the invite number 8 from the Holiday Frosting Potpourri as is, since is just says 'Holiday Celebration', or if you want to make it more specific with another easy tweak we'll change 'Holiday Celebration' to 'New Year's Party.'

Begin by opening the invitation in Photoshop or other like program. Using the brush tool, select some white paint and carefully brush over 'Holiday Celebration.' Go to the LD website and back to the Holiday Frosting Alphabet and following the same directions as above using the TMNT tool type in 'New Year's Party.' Save the title and open it in Photoshop and paste it above the invitation. Size down the title and put into place where the old title was. Now print some coordinating envelopes, some fun snowflakes, or even print out the words HAPPY NEW YEAR and create a fun banner to add to the decor. Everything you need to make a beautiful Holiday Celebration is all in Sheri Berry's Holiday Frosting Bundles. On sale now during Dollar Days! Right now take $20 off a $50 purchase with coupon code: newyear20.


  1. This is a great tutorial, just wish I could download the frosting print and cut files, there seems to be a problem could you investigate?