Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday's Tip: Paper Tree Decoration

I love this time of year! Decorating for the holidays with my son has become a favorite pasttime of ours. This year I wasn't allowed to put the Halloween decor away unless I promised to get out the Christmas stuff in exchange, so we got an early start of it. This no-brainer tree was so fun, and easy enough to let my son help (here and there ;).

Styrofoam Tree
Basic Snowflakes SVG
Straight Pins
Glue Gun
Wire (Optional)
Begin by cutting stips of paper 3/4" by 4". I ended up using about 3 half sheets of 12 by 12 paper.

Then fold each strip in half without creasing and secure to Styrofoam base with a straight pin. Continue this process until the whole tree is filled up.

Once that is done, embellish the top with ribbons and curled wire. Then lastly, cut out your Simple Snowflake to secure to the top of the tree.

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