Thursday, December 22, 2011

11th Day of Christmas...

On the 11th Day of Christmas LD gave to me Dollar Days and a tip to make a fun photo ornament!  Wrap up the holidays with dollar days, with most items just $1 and all Cut Its discounted to almost 50% off, its the perfect excuse to get crafting!

Make this fun and easy photo ornament using the Ornament Collection Cut It Set. Using image one, begin by cutting out all the pieces except for the star and oval. Separated out your pieces of the ornament should look like this.

For the framed portion, you can either cut out the center in Illustrator or Inkscape, or if you paste the main ornament and the oval together in Make-The-Cut, it will automatically cut out the center for you.

Once everything is cut, adhere the pieces together and place a photo between the back solid ornament and the framed ornament. Thread some bakers twine or string through the center for hanging.
I had more fun with my ornament by including it with my Santa Letter to my son, pretending one of the elves made it for him. I decided I needed to do a little something extra when he excitedly asked to open a St. Jude's envelope that was covered in Christmas icons. He exclaimed, "I know dis is a letter from Santa!" Then as he opened it revealing a whole bunch of return labels with the hugest smiled he continue, "Oh my gosh, I know dis is da good boy list!" It was super cute, so of course I played along, forgetting that the one word he can read is his name. So as he is studying and studying, he looks up super sad and asks why his name isn't on it. I quickly say, "Oh I don't think that is the good boy list at all, it must still be coming!" I had been planning on printing the Santa Letter for him anyhow, but I realized I needed to hurry it up. So in my attempt to go all the way out, and make up for yesterday's disappointment, I included the fun little photo ornament. I also created labels for my envelope using pieces from the Santa Letter printables. He knew immediately it was for him, and he was pretty sure it was from Santa.

And here's the happy camper, finally relieved he's made the "Nice Boy" list!

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  1. I love this fun Photo Ornament, great idea for Grandparents! I have done a TUTORIAL on my blog for Pazzle Inspiration users which may be helpful.