Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Big Bad Dad

When a tough guy takes on the biggest job on the planet (becoming a dad), you need the perfect tough guy product to show dad, that not only do you love him, but you get him! Shop our Big Bad Dad Collection just in time for Father's Day!


  1. I need HELP!!! I have been trying to get help since June 8 AGAIN!!! I'm sorry, but I don't know what else to do. I have sent emails to support@letteringdelights.com with no reply, I have posted on Lettering Delights Facebook page with no response. What do I have to do to get any help????? I made a qualifying purchase for Good Day Circus and I would like it to be placed in my library so I can access and download it PLEASE. And, because I know I will be asked, I have logged out and logged in multiple times. This same thing happened to me on May 31 with the Party in Paradise Collection. I also was unable to get any help from support for several days then. I am BEYOND FRUSTRATED.

    My email address is dibuckelew at comcast dot net. This is beyond ridiculous!!!!!

  2. I had an Issue getting the Party in Paradise Collection, It showed me the dollar day sale price and that I had to buy it, I did the right amount, to get it,
    It finely worked but it was close to the end of the time listed when It was fixed
    when you Bring the items up do it say you own it?? if so use the try me tool and download the zip file to your Lettering Delights folder
    Or if it say you own it the Save transparent PNG works as well you just have to do it one at a time this way

  3. Rani, FYI for you

    The Mother and Me Graphic set
    and the Strawberry Lemonade Alphabet
    Still gives you the
    Info Not on Server

    1. Thanks LC, I will look into that. With the Party in Paradise, try logging out, refreshing your cookies, then logging back in. It will be uploaded as separate items, not bundled. You will always own it so you can download or leave in your library.

  4. Thank you Rani,
    The Party in Paradise worked at the end of the dollare sale
    The Hard Part was the File not on server the same same as the Mother and Me Graphic set and the Strawberry Lemonade alphabet
    and the newest ones that were added Today also show Files not on Sever
    I got
    The Good Father and the Grandfather Graphic sets
    also checked on other 2 and they still show 0 mb on the windows only download