Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pocket Circus

Are you already looking for activities for your kids to do this summer? Creating a pocket finger puppet circus from our FREE Good Day Circus Product is a fun, imaginative activity that can keep the kids busy all summer!


Good Day Circus Cut It Projects
Good Day Circus Alphabet
Simple Match Boxes Cut Its
Card stock
wood dowels
baker's twine


Begin by building your finger puppets from the Good Day Circus Cut It Projects. These go together pretty simply and self explanatory.

To create the stage/box, the only thing I did different was add two small 1/8 inch holes to each side of the box base of the Simple Match Box Cut It. These are so you can use the base as a stage and insert the dowels to hold the banner.

You can create the circles easily in Make-the-Cut by using the shape tool (Control + Shift +B) and selecting the circle shape and then just sizing it. (Just insert the size you want into the width/height areas at the top of the Make-The-Cut program. Copy your circle, then just align and center them (select both images + right click + align/space) directly onto the base shape of the Simple Match Box.
Cut out and assemble the box and lid,by folding on the lines and gluing together.
I created a simple flag banner with the wood dowels, by stringing the flags across the baker's twine. I then used the Good Day Circus Alphabet to create a title for the box.
Then insert pieces inside the box and your pocket circus is ready to go!

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