Friday, August 2, 2013

We've got the bee's knees!

Two bees or not two bees? Actually there are six! Six whimsical bees and two adorable bears in our new Bees Knees Line. This collection is a real hummmmm-dinger with a colorful alphabet, 21 piece graphic setpaper pack, 21 piece cut it set, and cut project. Save 50% when you buy the Bees Knees Collection!

Did you know all of our full-color Stringbean graphic sets are now available for purchase? Each set has "stringbeans" with multiple skin colors and hair colors. Make sure you view all the Stringbean graphic sets now so you can find the sets your family needs!

Check out our Stringbean Darling Daughters so you can see all the variations that goes in each set! Popular stringbean sets include:

As always, you save when we bundle. Want all 1060 Stringbeans in all 38 sets? Save 50% when you buy the bundle!

And while your at it, don't forget today's FREEBIE! Grab our new Bees Knees Gift Bag absolutely FREE until Sunday at midnight, MST.


  1. The "Bees Knees" Collection is not showing up on the site. Can you point me in the right direction please ?

  2. Here's the link:

    I downloaded,only to find it is a cutting machine project. I don't have a cutting machine :( LOL

  3. Thanks, but I found all the separate items. This post states that you can "Save 50% when you buy the Bees Knees Collection!", but the highlighted link just leads to the LD site.

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    2. Sorry, ok fixed, here it is: