Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Embellished Party Hat Headband

Every birthday girl needs a party hat, especially for a 1st birthday! Create this fun embellished party hat, with our new Z Best Party Printables and Z Best Day Cut It Set!

Z Best Party Printables
Z Best Day Cut It Set
Ruffled Trim
Hot Glue


Begin by printing and cutting out one of the party hats from the Z Best Party Printables. (I did size this down so it would be smaller than normal. About 9 inches wide, however you can make it any size you want. You will need to take and exacto knife and cut on the slit mark to insert the tab.

Glue tab in place. Now trace around the bottom of the hat on a piece of paper, this will be your template for the felt that we will be gluing to the bottom of the hat.

Use a thick ruffle/lacey trim to adhere to the bottom of the hat. You need a trim wide enough that you will be able to attach your felt to at the bottom. If you want to stick any trim or feathers up through the top of the hat, do that before you close off the bottom.
Cut out your circular template that you traced and place on top of a piece of felt. Cut out the felt so that it is slightly bigger than the circular template, but not big enough to reach beyond the trim. Glue the head band to the felt so that the headband sits on top. Now you will begin to glue your hat to the felt above that.
I then cut out a flower from the Z Best Day Cut It Set (removed stem portion). And assembled the flower.
 I attached assembled flower to the top of the hat and continued to add ribbons, feather and other embellishments until I loved the finished product!

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