Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quilled Monogram Wall Art

Quilling is an art form in which thin strips of paper are rolled and sculpted, and then glued together to make ornate and delicate patterns.  The results can be breathtaking and utterly beautiful. Today, we are making a simplified version as we craft our own quilled monogram Wall Art!


Jester Curls Alpha SVG


Begin by cutting out the letter you want to use from the Jester Curls Alpha SVG on sale now for just $1. I resized it to about 8 inches across. The go ahead and cut strips of cardstock about 1/2 inch wide. See photo.  Start by edging the letter with one color of the strips you cut. I chose to edge in black. See video 1 to see how I did this.

When the entire letter is edged you can start by quilling and designing the inside. It may be easiest to start by lightly drawing on in pencil your quill design, or if you feel confident, just wing it and have fun. Here is the 2nd video to see how to start quilling. Fill in the entire letter. No matter what you do it will turn out super fun!

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  1. Your project turned out so pretty. This is a clever idea.
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