Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers (I hope, if not you can make them!)

We had a little birthday tea for my niece the other day, so to add to the frilly decor we made this simple and beautiful paper rose garland using the Quilled Flowers Cut It Set.


Quilled Flowers Cut It Set
Hot Glue
Heavy Twine


Begin by cutting out your flowers. You can use any of the flowers from this set, I used image 6 for mine. Making these actually is super easy and goes really fast. You can see how to roll the flowers from my video tutorial here. I made them as big as a 12x12 inch sheet of paper.

You will want to attach the flowers with hot glue to heavy twine. Anything too thin and the flowers will  be too heavy for it. Let them dry completely before hanging, and then just make sure you pull tight to hang! Have fun and make some beautiful decor!

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