Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cloud Nursery Decor

 My baby has hit the impossible to diaper phase. Since she is way to busy to lay flat for a few seconds, I came up with a room decor feature that entertains at the same time!

This project can be made from any number of our Cut Sets or SVG's, luckily we have several with clouds. I chose to use Cloud Nine SVG on sale now for just $1! Click here, to see all the other Cut Sets we have with clouds, we're sure to have a shape you will love!

Cloud Cut Set
Card stock
fishing line, twine or string


We've created many fun things using this method, but virtually any cut image can be made into a 3-D shape by cutting out at least 4 mirror image shapes. You can always cut out more if you want more sides to your cloud. Again, I used Cloud Nine SVG because there were two great cloud shapes, and its on sale for just $1, and I began by cutting out 4 of each shape. It's important to flip the shape so you are cutting out 2 that are a mirror image of the first. You can do this in Make-The-Cut by right clicking on the shape and then selecting shape magic, and then select mirror.

You will then fold each cloud exactly in half, it doesn't matter that the two halves are not identical just keep the bottom lined up and fold so that the left side meets the right side exactly.

Then you will glue matching sides to each other. Be sure to glue your fishing line or twine through the middle before you make the final glue.

When all your clouds are created you can fashion it into a mobile, or just hang individually directly from the ceiling.

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