Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carrot Candy Holder

Tell someone you "Carrot" a lot for them this Easter with this adorable treat holder made from our Valentine Cone Boxes SVGs and Patricia's Zapata's Easter Eggs Cut Its.

Valentine Cone Boxes SVGs
Patricia Zapata's Easter Eggs Cut Its
Card Stock


Begin by cutting out the Valentine Cone Box with just the smooth rounded top. Use a typical paper punch and punch a hole on two opposite sides:

Glue together the sides of your cone. And cut out the circled egg from Patricia's Easter Egg Cut Its. This is going to be your "bow/carrot stem."  Bring the ends to the center of the circle:

Pull your ribbon through both sides of the carrot first, and then bring it through all pieces of the Egg/bow.

Before tying it off it should look like this:

Tie it off low or high depending what look you want, hang from the wall as decor, or fill with candy and give away!

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  1. So adorable....Makes me wish I had a cutting machine. Probably should get one because I know you have such darling SVG files.