Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentines for Boys--FREEBIE included!

Need some easy Valentine's ideas for boys?  For baseball lovers, make this quick Valentine using our Sports Cut It Simple Shapes and LD Neat Pete.

Begin by bringing the baseball into Make-the-Cut. If you want, you can create a type layer here and do a print and cut. I used LD Neat Pete. Or you can just cut out the balls and write on them by hand. Create a second layer by pressing the plus sign at the bottom left corner of the layers menu. On the new layer, create a circle using the Basic Shapes generator.

Resize the circle small enough for the sucker stem to go through. Copy it and paste it by pressing Control+shift+V. Align the two circles so that they are in the center in the baseball like this:

Cut the ball out. To create the back simply right click on the baseball layer, click on shape magic and then select Blackout. So now your ball looks like this:

Cut out bottom layer and assemble!

Hand over your heart with this Valetine Stick up! Using Southewest Cut It Simple Shapes and this fun FREEBIE, these Valentine's are sure to please any small cowboy.  Bring the gun into Make-the-Cut and size to 8 inches wide and cut out. You can draw on it as shown if you like. Print out the holster and wrapper from the FREEBIE, and cut out. Put together the holster by drawing a small line of glue on the outer edge. Wrap your stick of gum with the wrapper and glue to gun. Make a fun optional heart on the front using the Yours Truly SVG's.


  1. Really, really cute. Nice for the little boys.

    Dianne Bell -

  2. these are cute, to bad the second one wont be appropriate for school!

  3. Samething I thought when I saw the gun.

  4. Really, a gun to pass out to boys in elementary school!! I'm sure ANY teacher, in ANY city will NOT appreciate this in their classroom!! This is VERY INCENSITIVE!!!

  5. Sorry about the typo-insensitive!!!