Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Winter Wall Art

Make cute winter wall art with our new Eskimo Pie Cut It set! These darling characters come to life cut out and framed up. Make it for yourself, or give as a darling gift.


Eskimo Pie Cut It Set
LD Licorice
2 pieces of glass
paint pen


Begin by cutting out the Eskimo Pie images you want to frame and assemble figures. When all images were assembled I adhered to a piece of glass, like shown:

I then printed out the word winter using LD Licorice. I placed it under the top piece of glass and used a paint pen to trace over it. I then assembled my framed image by placing the two pieces of glass together and placed it in its frame. (You will want to make sure you have a frame that can hold the glass in without the back, or else you can hammer small nails in the edges to hold it in.) I also then attached a piece of ribbon to the back of the frame for hanging. Enjoy!

While your at it, be sure to check out a couple of other cute projects from some of our bloggers using Eskimo Pie! I'm loving this set and seeing what everyone is doing with it!

Check out this hybrid card from Jin at Under the Cherry Tree!

And then this beauty is from Joanna at I love 2 Cut Paper!

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