Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Tip: Photo Prop Valentine's and Love Day Sale!

Make cherished photo valentines with photo props for this year's love day! Simple to make, these priceless photos will make the perfect gift this holiday. And with our Valentine Sale going on now until Valentines, you'll fine the perfect products at a great price!

Mustache Mania SVG
Lip Smackers SVG
Seasoned Love Cut It Simple Shapes
LD Petticoat Twist
SNF Simon Says
LD Blankie

Directions for We Love You Trio:
Begin by creating a 12" by 6" canvas in Photoshop or like program. Paste in your two 4" by 6" photos on each side.

Select the Type tool and type what you want to say in the middle. I used SNF Simon Says from our sister site Scrapnfonts to type out "We Love You". And I used LD Blankie at the bottom. Make sure the font is center aligned.

Using the layers menu to the right double click on the text layer to bring up the layers style menu, select stroke and adjust the stroke size and color. I used the picker to choose the red in her sweater to create a red stroke.

Now change your font color to white by selecting all the characters and choose the font color at the top of photoshop.

I then used LD Blankie to write Happy Valentine's Day. Using the Lip Smackers SVG and the Mustache Mania SVG, you can digitally add the lips and mustaches or cut out with your digital cutting machine and add to the finished product!

Photoprop for Valentine's Photoshoot:

Create giant valentines for a darling photo prop. Using the Seasoned Love Simple Shapes Cut It Set, cut out the scalloped heart with your digital cutter. I cut out the main image on white cardstock, then used the 2nd layer (the line) to cut out the red heart.

I used LD Petticoat Twist directly in Make-the-Cut to cut out "Kisses 25 cents". It helps to size it above the heart directly. Cut out the letters and adhere to the heart, presto giant Valentine!

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