Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easy Peasy Egg People

Make decorating eggs simple by creating these cute people/bunny.


Rolly Pollies Printables


Dye eggs as normal. Cut out the cupcake wraps from the Rolly Pollies Printables or any other cupcake wraps. Tape together (you will need to bring in smaller than you would for cupcake. I had about an inch overlap. Set your eggs in cupcake wraps. Use sharpees to decorate egg faces and cupcake wraps. Cut out bunny ears for top of egg, or you can use arms from the Rolly Pollies Graphic Set or Cut Set. Shop the Rolly Pollies Collection on sale until tomorrow at midnight, MST.

Also check out these cute ideas for hosting an Easter Egg Hunt also using the Rolly Pollies Printables:

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