Thursday, May 22, 2014

Make a Message Box from a Matchbox

Want a fun way to send a message?  Try making a message box from a mini matchbox.  Don't have a matchbox?  Download one here.

1.  Start with covering a mini matchbox with your favorite paper.  If you don't have one download one here.
2.  Choose your favorite alphabet or font and type out your message and save.  I used the new Pet Shop Stop Alphabet  and an arrow from DB This and That.  Don't forget to add a message for the cover and a message to say who the box is from.
3.  Using any program on your computer (like text editor or PhotoShop), arrange your message on small rectangles, the size of the matchbox bottom.  I needed 1.25x1.75" rectangles for my matchbox.  With a little math, I realized my message would be almost 30" long before I fold it, so I arrange on 8.5"x11" paper so it can all print on one sheet.  I add a little bit of a lip to the the pieces I need to glue.  This includes extra paper to glue to the inside of the cover.

4.  Cut out message and cover for the matchbox.
5.  Fold the message accordion style, taking care to make the bottom message go the right direction.  If your message is very long, you will also have to glue it together.
6.  Glue the last rectangle of the message in the empty bottom of the box.
7.  Fold up the message and glue the the blank paper you left at the beginning of your message to the inside of the cover.  

8. When you put the cover on the bottom of the box, it will feel a little awkward.  You can't really tell in the photo but that top letter (letter H in my message) will actually roll as the box is opened.
9.  I suggest adding an arrow so the recipient knows which way to pull the box open.

Get all your supplies to make the for only $1 each right now! 

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